A 14-Year-Old Christian Girl Forced To Marry Neighbor After Kidnapping

A kidnapped girl with chains

A kidnapped girl with chains

Child abduction is on the rise in Pakistan. A young Christian girl who is underage identified as Mahnoor Ashraf,  living in Lahore’s Cantonment area, in Pakistan is missing.

This young girl has been raised as a Christian and a member of the Pentecostal church. As a community member in her own vicinity —she never thought a neighbor could infringe on her human right. If it were so —then not someone she knows already.

I am quickly reminded of the hard truth that says “trust no one.” Those living closer to us are the very people who can harm us most. May God have mercy on us and help us stay away from unscrupulous people like these.

According to Morning Star News Mahnoor left home with her 8-year nephew to buy something from a nearby store on January 4th. Muhammad Ali Khan Ghauri abducted this innocent young girl with the help of his friends.

The nephew revealed the truth by saying the 45-year-old Muhammad Ali Khan Ghauri was responsible for that.

He kidnapped her and forced her to marry him. I can only attribute this to the manipulation of the spirit of lust and other evil desires.

Why do I even say that? Because this Muslim man is married with two children already. He knows that child marriage is forbidden by law in Pakistan but went ahead to break it.

The Bible says as a man thinks —so as he. Although child marriage is unlawful in his country.

I find 3 inhuman acts from Muhammad Ali Khan Ghauri, the kidnapper:

1.  Abduction
2. Forceful marriage
3.  Forceful conversion from Christianity to Islam.

It is likely, she will go through other forms of abuse. It annoys me hearing stories like this. Where is the fear of God?

Funny enough, the day this young Christian girl was abducted, they performed a marriage right for her. According to reports, the local cleric Muhammad Ibrar performed the Islamic marriage.

This cleric knew that is against the laws of the land but he went ahead to officiate the ceremony.

The elder brother of the girl said; they went to his house and found this young girl but Muhammad Ali Khan Ghauri  was not there:

“Ghauri’s house is on the same street, and our families had good terms with each other,” he said. “We don’t know when he managed to lure Mahnoor into a relationship.”

The father of the victim Ashraf Masih Chaudhry reported the case to the police on Jan. 5 hoping the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

So far it seems justice is being delayed. As the father is uncertain about how the police will vindicate him and her daughter.

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