Hollywood Actress And A Devout Christian Candace Cameron Mourns Dad With Jesus’ T-Shirt

Candace Mure with with TV Dad

Candace Mure with TV Dad Bob Saget

Candace Cameron Bure, who is a Hollywood actress is mourning his TV Dad Bob Saget. One significant thing about Christian Candace is her strong faith in Jesus Christ. As a young Christian woman, she has found a very inspiring way of getting over the pains of her loss.

She and Saget are remembered in the movie “Full House” playing the roles of “D.J. Tanner” and “Danny Tanner,” respectively.

Candace has designed a sweater with a message about her faith in Jesus. A reminiscence of her hugs and fan with TV Dad. In addition, she wants to honor Saget and remember all the good moments they have spent together.

The message says:

“Love Like Jesus, Hug Like Bob Saget,” the sweatshirt reads.

Those are inspiring lines to capture the attention of all faithful Christians like myself. 🙂

She shared some photos of herself with the sweater on Instagram.

“This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life and yet, incredibly beautiful because of family and close friends,” Bure captioned the photo. “Yesterday was a better day. We walked, we laughed, we reminisced.”

That nostalgic feeling makes her feel hopeful and inspired. She is mourning though —but there is the brighter side of her relationship with Saget. And that is what strengthens her emotions.

Below is a Screenshot from her Instagram post:

Candace Bure Instagram screenshot of love like Jesus message

Saget died in a hotel room in Florida on Jan. 9 at the age of 65. His death has been a big blow to Candace. She is therefore using her social media platforms to spread the word of God and how she loves Jesus.

The message on the sweater also helps her remember the hugs and love of her TV Dad Bob Saget. Bob too was a devout Christian. The cause of Bob Saget’s death has finally been revealed by the family following an investigation from authorities. Fans thought it was alcohol or drugs. But that isn’t the reason.

Candace is using her social media platform to promote and sell those beautiful sweatshirts and T-shirts to raise money for the Scleroderma Research Foundation in which Saget was a board member.

That is a praiseworthy idea. A good example for all Christian celebrities speak more about the love of Jesus, inspire others, and contribute meaningfully to making the world a better place.

She said this while interviewing with “Christianpost.” Candice Bure said:

“I love being able to use that platform of social media to share Scripture and hope that God gives each and every one of us because He loves us all so much.”

Other celebrities have applauded Candance’s initiative and have already shown interest in getting some of the sweaters and T-shirts.

It’s a nice and simple way for Christians to demonstrate their faith through apparel.

May we all join Candice Bure to spread the love of Jesus and give her some condolences. Here is a Bible verse I believe she would like to read herself:

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (2 Corinthians 13:13)

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