An Attack On Liberian Church Has Left 29 Worshipers Dead In Monrovia — Liberia

Crusade worship in Africa

Crusade worship in Africa

A piece of sad news coming from Liberia shows a stamped in a Pentecostal Church in Liberia.

According to BBC, 29 people have died, 11 children and a pregnant have all met their untimely death during what we know as a crusade in the West African country. These kinds of crusades host hundreds to thousands of people and so a stampede will surely bring about death and other fatalities.

Report from the police says a notorious group of people with guns and knives entered the grounds right after church
collection was offered.

This sad event happened on Wednesday night in Monrovia’s New Kru Town suburb. The organizer is known as Pastor Apostle Abraham Kromah. He is highly recognized as one of the biggest and most influential pastors in Liberia.

What usually makes such kinds of pastors highly Reverend is their miraculous signs and wonders. His members and many netizens believe in him.

His influential status brought in thousands of worshipers to partake in the crusade. But the most unfortunate thing happened. One suspect has been arrested and I believe this will lead to the arrest of the other gangs.

Pastor Apostle Abraham Kromah runs his own church known as Word of Life Outreach International.

The dead bodies of the victims have been taken to the mortuary. President George Weah visited the crusade ground, which is an open space of a school football park.

Darkness has fallen on the whole nation and as part of their grievances, a three-day holiday has been declared by President George Weah.

Liberia has already been struggling with various economic hardships and social problems (civil wars). As a third-world country, the poverty line is high.

Half of the population spends less than $2 (£1.50) a day. Sadly the effects of the emergence of Ebola, coronavirus, and its associated lockdowns have brought a lot of hardships to many citizens.

Africans are very religious and so like to seek divine intervention from God. It’s unfortunate, a place of worship has also been turned into a death trap. Christian Crusades often last for 5 hours. That is from 6 pm to 11 pm. The place of worship has left many injured and 29 people dead.

This incident will surely deter other Christians from joining similar large gatherings of worship. May God have mercy on his children.

The pastor is helping the police to make further investigation into this matter. Police spokesman Moses Carter told BBC.

There is a recommendation of hosting such crusades in more safe places to prevent similar events to happen. Security should be taken seriously when organizing large Christian crusades.

Family members of the victims are using photos to identify the dead bodies.

Sending condolences to the bereaved family and the entire nation of Liberia.

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