A So-called Pastor Arrested After 8 Disables Were Found Locked Up In His Basement

Locked up

Locked up

News reaching the world from Atlanta, Georgia shows a man named Curtis Keith Bankston, age 55 and his wife have defaulted on the rights of 8 disabled people.

According to BBC, Curtis Keith Bankston who is a self-acclaimed Pastor is operating an unlicensed care facility in Georgia.

The operation of Curtis came under the limelight when paramedics responded to help a patient suffering from seizures on January 13.

When the paramedics entered the house, then to the basement found 8 disabled or mentally sick patients locked up in there.

The police were informed about this disturbing scene. Report from their side says 8 people who are incapacitated were locked up. Their ages range between 25 to 65. These victims are suffering from physical and mental problems.

The disturbing scene has Mr. Bankston and his wife, Sophia Simm Bankston being suspected of unlawful practices against human rights.

The question is why should they have all these people who are suffering from mental and physical problems there? So far, investigators have found out that the said culprits have intentionally infringed on the rights of the victims.

The motive behind their action is to enjoy life at the expense of those victims. Because they were weak, vulnerable and a gold mine to them.

They control their bank accounts and other finances. Both he and Ms. Simm Bankston have been using their apartment as a “personal care home” for the individuals, which police allege “essentially imprisoned them against their will.”

More secrets about this incident from the house of Mr. Curtis and his wife is that they are under the guise of a church and pretend to be a ‘Pastor.’ A self-acclaimed pastor will surely help him cover up his sinful and unlawful activities.

Curtis Bankston’s attorney defended him by saying the facility was not a group home, but rather a “Christian Ministry that supplies room and board to individuals who have at oftentimes been homeless or wards of the state”. That’s an interesting and crafty response to deny the police’s report.

Curtis tried to avoid being found of his guilt through a Christian cover-up. Since men of God are highly respected with a lot of trusts. But thank God he has been exposed and been charged with false imprisonment.

The state’s Division of Aging Services and Department of Human Services have been called in to help all the eight people —giving them proper care and housing.

The police are waiting for nearby residents to report to them any missing relative who might be part of the 8 people.

Identification is in place to send them back to their respective families.

Curtis Keith Bankston’s Attorney Defends Him

The culprit being Mr. Curtis and his wife have yet not accepted their offense. In their defense, their attorney has denied charges against Curtis Keith Bankston.

He said the reports were based on “inaccurate” information provided by police that was “fraught with misinformation”.

This is the kind of world we live in. Even a criminal caught red-handed has the right to defend his evil act. Justice and truth are often shrouded when handling issues like this at the law court.

Source: BBC

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