Robbers Invade Home Of A Missionary Shoots Him In Front Of His family

Arlen Isaak on a stretcher after being shot
Arlen Isaak on a stretcher after being shot
Arlen Isaak being driven on a stretcher for surgery

Doing the work of the Lord as a missionary is associated with a lot of challenges. To be part of the “great commission” as instructed in the Bible has so many rewards —especially in the afterlife. The Devil doesn’t fear God so he works through evil men to fight God’s precious children.

The case of missionary Arlen Isaak is heartbreaking. Arlen is a missionary in South America (western Manitoba). He moved to the United States when very young for religious services.

He is the president of Light In Action (USA), a media ministry that uses film to share the gospel. Since childhood, Arlen has been a dedicated worker of the Lord.

An attack on him last Friday has put him on a hospital bed. He is undergoing constructive surgery because the gunmen sent a bullet into his lungs.

This attempt to rob his family happened Friday evening and Saturday morning —Arlen was admitted to the hospital for surgery. He sustained multiple injuries and a blood drain in his lung because of the bullet. Thank God he is still alive.

His wife and the children played bravery to make sure everyone is safe. They even alerted others in their neighborhood.

Arlen Isaak’s wife, Cynthia, says that Arlen was shot when “at least three men” showed up at their home in northeastern Brazil on Friday evening. A bullet shattered his right shoulder and then ricocheted into his lung.

Aww… That would hurt a lot. The description of the scene is beyond her. What everyone is saying is —thanking God for protecting everyone in the house —hence no death recorded but serious casualties. He is still under constructive surgery with 100% hope of recovery.

Imagine, a Christian missionary family facing 3 armed men. There is nothing they can do to stop the perpetrators except the help of God.

The Isaaks have four children, and everyone was at home at the time of the incident. One of their daughters “had the presence of mind to crouch down and sneak away (in the midst of men waving guns!)” and was able to get to another home in the compound to alert them. A son was also able to run to a neighbor and phone the police.

In every evil attempt against the children of God, He works miraculously to place them in a better position. This is what God has done for Arlen Isaak and his family.

The Bible says where there is life —there is hope. Arlen is still alive by God’s amazing grace. Friends, loved one’s, sympathizers, and the entire family are grateful for the Lord’s intervention.

“Praise God (doctors) were able to begin the process of draining his lung that was quickly filling up with blood,” Cynthia writes in a Facebook post made early Saturday morning.

“A team of surgeons is now working on the best way to reconstruct his shattered shoulder,” she writes. “I am not a medical professional. I don’t know how to describe it in the right terms, but there are simply bones that are no longer there!”

Cynthia, using her Facebook page updated everyone about the current state of Arlen. And went ahead to encourage every to pray for him:

Screenshot from Arlen's wife on Facebook

Praise God:

1. The bullet, shot at close range, destroyed a shoulder, not his head or heart or anything else!

2. The medical team was able to work quickly with draining his lungs.

3. Each one of my precious kids played a heroic role tonight in a scenario no child should have to be a part of!”

Cynthia being the wife of Arlen has been very grateful for the Lord’s help. All she is saying is “Thank you, Jesus.”

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