Christian Nurse Is Sueing A Clinic That Says The Bible Supports Racism For Mentioning Darkness


When talking about religion, science, and politics; they are often intermingled with questionable ideologies, beliefs, and theories.

A popular British Clinic could face legal action for teaching a student therapist that the Bible supports racial abuse by comparing light to the darkness.

A young woman named Amy Gallagher from South London poised to take legal action against the Portman Clinic in North London, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

She is a student who thinks her school course has wrongfully imposed racial teaching against the Bible —which should not be the case.

This young white Christian can’t take the teachings that Christianity is a religion of racism and formed part of Europe’s inhuman treatment of black people.

Ms. Gallagher who is 33 years is fighting real hard to vindicate herself from the wrong teachings she has been taught by online lecturers.

According to her, through her course work, she was asked to attend a seminar called Whiteness – A Problem For Our Time, which claimed that all white people are racist.

The Clinic went ahead to present unpalatable teaching to Gallagher that white people are unconsciously racist. She felt hurt and betrayed so in her power she is taking all the necessary action to bring the clinic to justice for making her feel bad.

She looks serious about everything she is taught by the clinic concerning racial abuse. And as a mental health nurse from south London, Gallagher has spent more than £20,000 on training courses.

She is a psychotherapist on a course run by the prestigious Portman Clinic in North London, part of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. The whiteness racism teaching did not auger well to Gallagher. Rejecting the teachings about racism from the Bible made his senior members from Tavistock Trust begin threatening her for possible suspension from her final year clinical qualification. This decision by the clinic could put her career as a psychotherapist at risk.

So she needed to escalate the problem so that justice would be sought.

She said: ‘On the basis of my experience there, what they describe as anti-racism is racism. What they describe as tolerance is an intolerance of anyone who thinks differently to them.

‘Left unchallenged, such institutional bullying will only be emboldened.

‘I feel passionate about this. I hope my case will prove that teaching these discriminatory ideas – as though they are factual and true – within the NHS or within academia is wrong.’

She believes she will win the legal case and go ahead to hit the clinic with some damages. Because the situation has given her mental stress forcing her to decide to quit the course.

According to her, her attempts to question the course content, she says, were dismissed as ‘angry’ and ‘vexatious’ – which she denies.

Ms. Gallagher says it is particularly concerning that radical identity politics are now ‘leaking into the health service’.

Part of her plans shows that she has opened up a crowdfunding campaign, called Stand Up To Woke. The purpose is to raise enough money to battle it out at the law court against Tavistock Trust. She is sueing them for racial and religious discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

On part of the clinic, their spokesman has refused to give detailed information about the case. But went ahead to say their students must examine their own ‘irrational unconscious beliefs and bias’ to be able to help patients. This is a standard approach in the field.

The Trust investigated Gallagher’s issue and presented their final report last year stating that Anne Aiyegbusi realized her lecture had been ‘intense’, but said it was ‘undeniable’ that ‘Europe in the name of Christianity was instrumental in the racism, slavery, and colonialism that has a linear connection to what we see today in forensic services’.

Toby Young from the Free Speech Union said:

‘All publicly funded institutions have a legal duty not to create a hostile environment for people in virtue of their protected characteristics, including religion and belief, so I suspect Amy has a strong case. I applaud her courage.’

Gallagher has further complained that despite receiving an apology from Tavistock’s deputy director of education
about a letter sent last year in May due to its delay, causing fear and confusion —there hasn’t been any apology for presenting Christianity as a racial religion.

She simply doesn’t understand why Christianity be singled out of the many religions and be presented as a racial religion. Because the Bible talks about light and darkness in comparison. Meanwhile, this is common religious teaching in other religions. But why the Bible and Christianity be painted a racial religions.

She needs an apology from the Trust while she has a case against them.

Source: Daily Mail

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