God Is Watching Everything — His Big Radar Is On You


God is watching everything like a radar. He is everyone.

Who can understand God better with his finite man as a human? Job taught us much about the magnificence of God’s power and wisdom. He is incomparable. An awesome God who sees everything and knows everything.

Today, I want you to be very cautious about everything you are doing on this planet. Because God sees you and He is recording every single thing you are doing or saying. The books and the book of life described in Revelation hold every record of you.

Examine your life —are you living a life that pleases God? If not —then it is time for a change. I am talking about genuine repentance. Allow the blood of Jesus and the grace of God to sanctify you and make you righteous. There are many rewards prepared for those who do the will of God.

He knows everything. And so let your conscious mind stay focused on the things that please God. There is a big judgment waiting for us all.

Often some Christians think they can outsmart God without being caught. You can lie to your fellow man or deceive him —but not God.

Here we are having professed Christians still indulging in evil practices in darkness. I will talk more about that in the later paragraphs.

But for now, let’s consider the power of God and His omnipresence.

The Omnipresence Of God

Kind David knowing very said he cannot run away from God. There is nowhere in our universe that God can’t see. He sees both goodness and evil, He sees both light and darkness.

Someone is watching you from above —sit upright and do the right things. Because you would be brought before the judgment sear at the end of the world.

King David realized he can not hide from God. He admitted that and submitted himself to him. Because God holds everything together by His power.

“Where can I go to escape your spirit? Where can I flee to escape your presence?” (Psalms 139:7)

“Even the darkness is not too dark for you to see, and the night is as bright as day; darkness and light are the same to you.” (Psalms 139:12)

God is watching from heaven

There is no escape from the radar of God. His wisdom is incomprehensible.

God Sees The Goodness Of Men

Some Christians often lament why God has been so quiet to them. After sending many prayers like mails to the post office box —not a single reply comes.

Not even a hint of an approaching vehicle to presume the postman is coming to deliver the parcel.

God has seen and heard your prayers. But He does answer at the right time according to His will. I want to repeat that “according to His will.”

God sees your struggling’s and all the pains you are going through. But it doesn’t mean He has abandoned you. King David felt the same way when his prayers go unanswered. He still trusted God.

The Lord is with you wherever you God. He is working things out for you on a gradual process that you might not even recognize.

Your reward will soon come if any Christian stays faithful and patient. Stay and walk in the light of the lord and you will never stumble and fall. His hands are not far from your reach. God sees you.

To The Wicked Who Tries To Hide From God

The eyes of the Lord search throughout the Lord to give rewards to the righteous and punish the evil ones.

Because of his Supreme knowledge about His own creation —He is able to give righteous judgment to everyone.

What happened to Jonah? He tried to hide from God. It was a foolish idea to run away from the Lord. He hid from humans and thought is safe and protected. But no one can feel safe and protected from the anger of God.

In His mercy — God disciplined Jonah for his disobedience.

“The LORD watches from heaven; he sees all people. From the place where he lives he looks carefully at all the earth’s inhabitants. He is the one who forms every human heart, and takes note of all their actions.” (Psalms 33:13 -15)

In our modern days, there are many, who indulge in evil activities thinking no one has seen them.

God said there is no darkness too dark for him to see. God is Light and where there is Light —darkness can’t comprehend.

He will bring everyone to judgment because He is all our activities on earth. The Bible says God created both the seen and unseen things.

All are subjected to his power. God is awesome and everyone must fear him. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

May we grow in the fear of the Lord and do what pleases him so that His radar doesn’t catch us for any violation. Like what Paul said; try to live a blameless life. You can outsmart humans but not an all-knowing and omniscient God!

Your rewards will soon come for being an obedient child of God. He is still watching every step you take. Be reminded of that so that you do not walk in the path of darkness.

Finally, don’t act foolishly like Adam and Eve who ate the forbidden fruit and tried to hide from God. He sees you and all that you are going through. Good works beget good reward and bad works beget punishment.

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