An Italian Old Man Of 91 Years Dies When Trying To Escape Home Care Through A Window

Mario Finotti does trying to escape home care

Mario Finotti does trying to escape home care

Shocking As A 91 Year Italian Dies When Trying To Escape Home Care Through A Window

Old men could sometimes be fed up with being indoors for long. It feels like they are being imprisoned. But that is for their own good. The story of an Italian old man of 91 years has shocked the entire world.

Mario Finotti, a 91-year-old resident of Opera Pia Francesco Bottoni retirement home in Papozze, a town in the Italian region of Veneto has caused his own death.

He has been in home care for his own goodness. But he thought otherwise to escape through a window. And that house is a story building; staying on the first floor. He was very unfortunate when attempting to run away.

Mario Finotti, had a brilliant plan of tieing his bed sheet around his waist. He then lowered himself through the window.

His plan did not go well. He dangled from the window and swung down causing possible fatal compression in his lungs.

An Italian Newspaper called explained the cause. There is no one held liable for his death.

Shift workers found his body dangling from the window at around 6.30 am on Tuesday, according to the local newspaper Corrie del Veneto.

Retirement home director Luca Avanzi told Corriere della Sera: ‘We are shocked by what has happened.

Mario Finotti was well, he was not suffering from any degenerative pathologies. It is not known what was going through his head because, from a psychological point of view, he was peaceful.

‘Also, last week, his niece had spoken to the psychologist via video call and a good psychological picture of the elderly man had emerged.’

Mario Finotti was mentally sound. People could therefore not understand why he took such a dreadful risk.

At age 91, there is nothing more to chase in this world but to live and hope for more years. He had no children and as a retired worker felt lonely. Mario also lived a single life and refused home care in his later years. May his soul rest in peace.

Mario Finotti hanging from the window

It is believed that because of the lengthy restrictions —his old age plus coronavirus and its lockdowns people like him may feel lonely and dejected.

Loneliness is the possibile reason
the 91 years Mario Finotti died. Investigating is ongoing. But so far no one is held responsible.

According to Daily Mail, His body would be released to the family for burial.

The little town he resides in has been looking very lonely because of how coronavirus raided through Italy.

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