Youth for Christ Ghana Launches 55th anniversary In Accra

Bible and a cross — YFC

Bible and a cross — YFC

On 22nd January 2020, the youth of Methodist Ghana known as Youth for Christ Ghana (YFC) celebrated their 55th anniversary in Accra – Ghana.

During the anniversary, The Right Reverend Ofori-Donkor, a Bishop of The Methodist Church, Ghana advised the youth to be more active in social development projects hence avoiding social vices such as armed robbery, corruption, and alcoholism.

He explained that such anti-social behavior destroys the beautiful future they are supposed to enjoy in life. Reverend Ofori-Donkor further said although there are many Churches or Christian organizations in Ghana, yet activities such as murder continued to be on the ascendancy.

Rt. Rev. Ofori-Donkor made the call at the launch of the 55th Anniversary celebration of the Youth for Christ Ghana (YFC) in Accra on Saturday, on the theme: “Thus far has the Lord Brought Us.”

He saith Ghana has many talented youths who are very creative and knowledgeable enough to help build mother Ghana. He, therefore, asked them to get involved in developing the country.

Every youth is needed to help national development —especially those with specific talents.

The Methodist Bishop appealed to the YFC to intensify their evangelism to help curb armed robbery and acts that retarded growth.

Mr. Jackson Fiifi Mensah, the National Director of the YFC, said the group’s mission was to participate in evangelism to present the youth with the person, work, and teachings of Christ and disciple them into the local church.

He further, gave inspiration to the youth to study hard in their various schools to be prominent people in the future. I agree with that —Just like how the saying goes “education is the key to success.”

Before the launching of Youth for Christ Ghana’s anniversary —They posted a reminder on their official Facebook page on the 20th of January. Below is a screenshot:
Youth for Christ Facebook page announcement

Members of the group have shown much gratitude to the Lord.

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