Zimbabwean ‘prophet’ Is Dashing Out R2m to SA youngsters Through Bible Verse Challenge

Pastor Java from Zimbabwe

Pastor Java from Zimbabwe

Africa is a well-known Continent to be flooded with a lot of pastors and Prophets. They are always making headlines in the airways for various reasons.

Now, let me introduce or reintroduce to you to this Zimbabwean pastor called Passion Java.

A self-proclaimed Zimbabwean Pastor is dashing out a lot of money through Bible verse challenges. He said that will start in a few weeks in Johannesburg. Questions about Bible verses would be asked and anyone who gets the correct answer will walk away with R50 000.

In his quest to help curtail the rampant street lives and problems of young people he has decided to help them by giving out R2million to the youth.

He said The challenge will consist of local musicians vs ordinary South Africans. These musicians will be role models for the youngsters.

Pastor Java Instagram post

Each person will be asked 10 questions; for every right answer, you walk away with R50 000.

Speaking to News24, Java’s spokesperson, Boss Lashaan, said, after many visits to South Africa, it “broke” the ‘prophet’s’ heart to see many youngsters on the street resorting to an “unchristian like” way of life.

It was always the plan to help the country where Java can, the team just wasn’t sure how. But then the good Lord opened our eyes with new possibilities as to how to help those change their lifestyle. Everyone needs a little bit of money, and if we can be that vessel through God, then we will do what we can to change the lives of others.

Lashaan said:

Each person will be asked a total of 10 questions stemming from the bible. For each correct answer, R50 000 will be given to the person, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a celeb or an ordinary person. The quiz is set to run for a period of one week, or until the R2 million is won.

Java looks pretty rich and feels blessed by the Lord that he should help others with his money. In his ministry career, he has also authored some Christian books.

In an interview about his thoughts about money, he responded that money is good. Pastor Passion Java is living a luxurious lifestyle and often travels to the States for vacation. He feels the divine responsibility to help the needy.

According to Java, God gave him the idea to use Bible challenge competition to draw more people for Christ. This will help spread the gospel while those who seriously make a greater impact would be rewarded with some cash.

The platform is open for anyone to participate. Java is going to use his social media handle — that is his official Instagram page to host this Bible verses challenge program.

“My social media team will be handling the outcome of the quiz challenge; it will be very structured. I’ve done these quizzes many times in previous years in other countries and I’m always impressed at how well it’s done,” said Java.

Pastor Java is having thousands of fans on Instagram. Most reactions from them indicate a great interest in the Bible challenge.

They are still flooding his page with comments.

If you are interested and staying around South Africa or Zimbabwe you can take part in this Bible challenge. It’s a choice.

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