US Is Shipping 400 million Free Vaccines To Poor Countries

Covid vaccines in arrangement


The US initiates a free vaccine project to reach poor countries with 400 million Covid Vaccines

Covid vaccines in arrangement

The fight against coronavirus hasn’t ended yet. Scientists, governmental bodies, activists, Churches, and individuals like us are still struggling to wipe it out from our world.

Many measures have been put in place and hopefully, the world will get back to normal. The United States is shipping 400 free COVID-19 vaccine doses to 112 poor countries around the world, the White House said this on Wednesday.

“Today, we will hit a major milestone in our global effort: 400 million vaccine doses shipped to 112 countries … for free, no strings attached,” White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff  Zients said at a press conference.

Jeff  Zients, continued by saying they have shipped four times more free covid vaccines to needy countries in the world. So this is a continuation of what they have been doing already.


The US shipping 400 million Covid vaccines to the world

This initiative by Joe Biden’s administration is to help poor countries overcome the Covid-19 virus and its mutations like omicron and delta.

Some Countries The US Is Shipping Free Vaccines To

400 million free vaccines are enough to reach a lot of poor countries in the world. Some of the beneficiary countries are Pakistan and Bangladesh.

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit that tracks the US’ vaccine shipments; The numbers recorded are:

• 42 million doses delivered to Pakistan  •  28 million to Bangladesh
• 24 million to the Philippines

The American president, Joe Biden, and his entourage have a grand plan of shipping 1.2 billion doses of covid-19 vaccines to low-income countries including:

• 30 nations in Africa
• 20 in Asia
• 25 in the Western Hemisphere

In Africa, a country like Ethiopia has benefited from this free project. Many countries have criticized the Americans for boosting their jabs while part of the world is struggling to have first jabs.

Therefore, some of the rich countries in the world are advocating for an extension of help to poor countries. They should support them fight omicron and delta variants. And this is exactly what the US is doing.

This move is to help eradicate coronavirus from this world. The US acknowledged how these poor countries lack the facilities and the means to effectively deal with the virus —they have given them free vaccines in greater quantities without any string attached.

We can all remember how these needy countries rush to Europe, China, and America to buy a number of vaccines for their citizens.

If the US is sending free vaccines to them —then surely that will speed up the idea of giving jabs to thousands to millions of people around the world.

You can read a detailed report from ‘nypost.’

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