Support Your Children If they Are Gay, Pope Tells Parents

Pope says to parents support your gay children

Pope says to parents support your gay children

News coming from the Vatican is making Christians question their beliefs and compare them with the Bible.

According to Reuters, Pope Francis says if you are a parent and your children show gay tendencies —support them. He delivered this message on Wednesday.

At his weekly audience, the Pope said:

Those issues included “parents who see different sexual orientations in their children and how to handle this, how to accompany their children, and not hide behind an attitude of condemnation,” Francis said.

The Pope on different occasions has talked about how a parent should accept their child if they are gay. According to him, it is their right and so must be respected. He says you shouldn’t condemn your children for being gay.

He reiterated the Vatican doesn’t bless gay marriages but it can support civil union laws aimed at giving gay partners joint rights in areas of pensions and health care and inheritance issues.

The doctrinal decision of the Church not officially supporting same-sex marriage annoys members of the Church who are gay especially the priests in this category.

They are consistently putting pressure on Church authorities to give them all the rights and respect they demand.

German priests and employees in this respect have been launching campaigns to fight for their rights as people of LGTBQ+.

In the United States and Germany, Catholic priests and ministers had begun blessing same-sex unions.

Conservatives in the 1.3 billion-member Church have said the pope – who has sent notes of appreciation to priests and nuns who minister to gay Catholics – is giving mixed signals on homosexuality, confusing some of the faithful.

There is great confusion among the billions of members in the Church because nowhere in the Bible supports homosexuality.

They are left dumbfounded. A division in the church is forcing some members to stop churching because there is a great contradiction between what is happening in the Church and what the Bible explicitly says. The church is under pressure to legalize same-sex marriage.

From the Old Testament to the New Testament the Bible condemns sexual perversions such as same-sex marriages.

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