Rappers in the Christian faith are asking Goodwin ‘How can you abandon Jesus?’

Peers of Goodwin ask 'how can you abandon Jesus?'

Artists Respond to Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin Parting Ways With Christianity: ‘How can you abandon Jesus?

Peers of Goodwin ask 'how can you abandon Jesus?'

Artists Respond To Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin After Renouncing His Christian Faith in Jesus Christ.

The Christian life isn’t for people who easily allow worldly thoughts or scientific theories to overshadow their spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity is more of a spiritual relationship with God. Why? Because God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do that in spirit (John 4:24)

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ, warned believers that a time will come that many will abandon him. Because by following him, you will be hated and go through many trials.

This fits into the story of legendary Christian rapper Goodwin. He is backsliding and Christian artists are looking very disappointed.

The story of a popular Christian music artist Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin has echoed around the world. Goodwin, one of the founders of the trailblazing rap group, The Cross Movement has announced that he is no longer a Christian. The basic reason is centered on “doubt.” He made that renunciation last week.

There are many challenging situations many Christian converts have to deal with. You see, the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. And anyone who comes to Him must believe that He truly exists and rewards people.

Goodwin’s peers and loved ones in Christian rap are responding to his departure and criticism of the Bible; Hence hoping to bring him back to Jesus Christ. They cited a whole lot of examples giving him encouragement with Bible verses.

Taking a good look at what he said about his decision, proves he has some doubt about the Christian faith.

In Goodwin’s 24-minute video on Jan. 17, the emcee and apologetics teacher openly declared his hard thought decision of parting ways with Christianity.

“I sent a letter to my church withdrawing my membership and saying that I am denouncing the Christian faith that I have believed, professed, proclaimed and defended for the last 30 years of my life,” Goodwin, widely known by the name “Phanatik,” shared in his Facebook video announcement.

Doubt! doubt! doubt!

He then gave a little detail about what has been pushing him to make that crucial decision.

“I began to look at the faith and say, ‘Man, you could turn this Rubik’s cube any particular way and end up with a different understanding.’ And who can say that understanding is right or that understanding is wrong?’” Goodwin questioned.

It’s clear, Goodwins’ decision of renouncing his Christian faith is based on science. Scientific teachings have been more welcoming to him than the Biblical theory he has clung to for several years.

Fellow Christian rappers have shared their views about Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin’s story.

William, who happens to be part of the founding members of The Cross Movement, “The Ambassador” Branch, took to YouTube with a long dialogue, using several passages in the Bible to respond to Goodwin’s renunciation. He shared the history of The Cross Movement and specifically addressed some of the things his old friend shared in the video.

He reminded everyone of how most of them have stayed in the faith despite challenges such as health problems and other complex situations.

“We love him, and I’m talking about Jesus, and at the time Phanatik was right with us, and Phanatik deemed and claimed with us,” Branch said, speaking of when they all first became professing Christians in the 1990s.

John “The Tonic” Wells, another member of The Cross Movement, posted a 10-minute video response to fans of the movement as a word of encouragement.

“I want to encourage you today about something that you may not be thinking about,” he said on Instagram. “[The Cross Movement] doesn’t all orbit around him. There’s other people still here standing firm in the faith, a lot of us.” Wells shared this on Instagram.

Instagram post from John wells about Goodwin

Popular God Over Money/ The Menace Movement rapper Datin has been personally impacted by Goodwin and stated that he was really “sad and disappointed” to hear the news.

“I consider Brady a friend. He, himself, may not even realize how much he has impacted me. But this man has been somebody I looked up [to] for a very long time,” Datin, who recently became an ordained pastor, shared with The Christian Post.

“He was the first established Christian rapper that embraced me and poured into me when I came to Christ and started writing Christian music.”

Many Christian rap friends of Phanatik’ Goodwin have shared their views and feelings about his sad story of parting ways with Christianity.

Below are a glance of some of his peers sending messages of encouragement through their social media handles:

1. William, The Ambassador” Branch
2. John “The Tonic” Wells
3. Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae
4. Popular God Over Money/ The Menace Movement rapper Datin
5. New York Rapper David Veira

‘Phanatik’ Goodwin is one of the many Christians who question their faith and relationships with Jesus when certain challenges start cropping up in their lives.

Christianity is about remaining faithful throughout all the toughest moments in life. Science can never explain the supernatural or things that are paranormal.

Goodwin’s friend, named Wells responded with a powerful message by saying no one can rely on science as science can not explain why people yawn. He ended his message by saying It’s not over for Goodwin.

These good friends of Phanatik’ Goodwin are praying for him and being hopeful he will get back to Jesus.

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