Suspected Fulani Herdsman Kill 22 Christians In Nigeria —Plateau State



It is less than a month since Open Doors‘ released the 2022 list of countries where it is difficult for Christians to live. Nigeria is at number 7. And then again ranks number 1 of countries where Christians are martyred most with 4,650 death.

News coming from Nigeria shows a continuous killing of Christians as Open Doors’ has revealed. Suspected Fulani herdsmen have attacked several Christians. These men are Islamic extremists —just like Boko Haram.

This is souring each day and night. According to Morning Star News, Suspected Fulani herdsmen have killed four Christians in Plateau state on Saturday. This happened on January 22nd.

This bloodshed followed after 18 other Christians were slain in another area of the state on Jan. 11. Two other victims got wounded in the attack and other —24 homes burned down.

The armed assailants ambushed Christians in Dong village, on the outskirts of Jos in Jos North County, on Saturday (Jan. 22) at about 6 p.m., killing four and wounding two others.

A resident named Rejoice Johnson explained what transpired in that attack:

“Dong, our community, has constantly been attacked by armed Muslim Fulani terrorists in the recent past,” Johnson said. “We need your prayers.”

A worker at Jos also said:

“Dong village has served as a place of refuge for displaced Christians since 2017,” said Yil Gonsum, an aid worker in Jos. “In 2018, hundreds of displaced Christians from Miango District fled to Dong village seeking refuge, but now both the displaced and resident Christians have severally been attacked by the herdsmen.”

On Jan 11th, these Fulani herdsmen launched and attached on Ancha village, in Miango District of Bassa County. In a midnight attack, 18 people died.

In a press statement, Davidson Malison, a representative of the predominantly Christian Irigwe ethnic group confirmed the incidence on Jan 11th.

According to Davidson Malison, children were also killed in the attack. They destroyed foodstuffs, cars, and motorcycles. In addition, run away with stolen items that are valuable.

The dead bodies of the Christian victims have been identified and it’s very disheartening.

Gabriel Ubah, the spokesman for the Plateau State Police Command, said in a press statement:

“We are aware of these attacks, and the police command has deployed armed policemen to the area.”

The state is in great mourning now. Government officials and the police are putting things in place to stop these kinds of brutal attacks from Fulani herdsmen.

It’s so hard to understand why some humans could be heartless in killing innocent people using some religious beliefs as the force behind them.

Residents in the assaulted communities believe the Fulani herdsmen want to drive the Christians away and possess the land for their grazing cattle. And then again turn the location into Islamic property.

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