‘There’s Nothing Like Heaven, No One Can Prove Me Wrong’ – Archipalago

Achipalago says there is no heaven

Achipalago says there is no heaven

Religious beliefs have gone through a lot of ridicule. The Bible has stated categorically that God lives in heaven. From the old Testament to the New Testament, dreams and visions coming from Bible characters have thrown more light on the existence of heaven and Hell.

Jesus Christ said he came from heaven above. It is a promise for faithful believers as their eternal home. John the Baptist testified about the One who came from above.

“The one who comes from above is superior to all. The one who is from the earth belongs to the earth and speaks about earthly things. The one who comes from heaven is superior to all.” (John 3:31)

A popular Ghanaian social media commentator, Archipalago Mufasa has come out to declare his thoughts and beliefs saying all these things about heaven and earth are fallacies.

A video sighted on youtube from Zionfelex featuring Achipalago has been going viral because of his controversial talks.

He said there is no place as such.

“There’s Nothing Like Heaven, No One Can Proof Me Wrong” – Archipalago

In the interview, Achipalago did not deny the existence of God; the Supreme ruler of all things. But as for heaven, there is no one to prove its existence.

During the interview when Speaking with Zionfelix Archipalago, the Celebrity and Lifestyle Blogger, in all boldness said it is just a group of believers who live a kind of lifestyle who believe that will usher them into heaven.

According to the Celebrity and Lifestyle Blogger, in reality, there is nothing like heaven for anyone.

In furtherance, he revealed in the interview that it doesn’t make sense to him that people will first commit sin and later be remorseful, repent and do everything requires of them all in the name of going to heaven someday.

You can watch the video below:

Ghanaians are flooding the internet with a lot of comments by speaking their minds.

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