We Are Travelers On Earth? Don’t Be A Foolish Stranger

Travelers on and strangers

Travelers on and strangers

When and where were you born? Don’t tell me; just keep it to yourself. There are serious fundamental questions we ought to ask ourselves. Imagine this; the moment someone is born he/she automatically gets a nationality, religion and grows with a given name.

This person would have to fight his way out trying to find the truth. Where is the truth? Someone might say there are a lot of hidden truths. Well, today I will tell you about the most important truth everyone has to know.

But before that truth comes in ; let me continue reminding you of the journey of life. We are travelers or strangers on this planet.

Take a look back in your life. How old are you now? If you run your life backward, you would see that you have gone through a lot of changes.

Assuming you are 50 years now. A quick look into the last 35 years of your life would amaze you. You are not the same person you used to be. Yes! Growth is inevitable in humans.

But as you age, you have to grow in wisdom, spirit, and knowledge —not only in body. Some unfortunately grow into adults leaving their wisdom behind. They become fools and vulnerable to the devil’s crafty devices so easily.

In your early years as a human, you surely had no responsibilities or less responsibilities. A kid will only think of what to eat or get from his parent.

Then turning into an adult he would realize the huge burden he has to carry out —especially if you are a man; a father, breadwinner, role model, etc,

On the other hand, if you project your life forward, you would realize that things will never be the same. You will grow weak and finally return to dust as King Solomon said. Truly, your soul will return to God who said “all souls are mine.” (Ezekiel 18:4 – 6)

The clock’s handle is always tickling. There is a native American proverb that says; anytime the sunrises from the East and sets in the West, it takes part of your life. Awww… That’s heart-touching and freaking.

A traveling bag

This is very true and it authenticates the reality of our journey on earth. One day your travel adventure here on earth will end. If it ends today; ask yourself where you will be going. Don’t deny the reality of the afterlife.

On record, about 178,000 people die each day around the world. That is 120 per a minute. All these people have ended their journey on earth. One day it will be your turn. It could happen now. Oh yes, that is the truth —I’m not trying to freak you out.

Are you ready? Hmmm… Death never asks if you are ready or not. So as the Son of Man will come without asking you whether you are ready for judgment or not. The deal here is; be ready at all times. (Matthew 24:42)

If you die today, none of your best friends will join you. You will leave all your wealth, monies, and luggage behind. It has ended! RIP. The next thing will be judgment from God. Either you will be in heaven or hell. This is the exact teaching of the Bible.

I mentioned in the early paragraphs to tell you about the most important truth. This truth I am talking about is the Word of God.

Jesus is the Truth and the Light of the world. If you have him in your life, there wouldn’t be any fear of death, diseases and sickness, pains and suffering, demons, etc, and anything that contends with our salvation or happiness.

“Jesus replied, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Jesus will judge everyone according to his deeds. We must therefore be careful about how we live our lives. As travelers on this earth, we must move with the help of God. The Spirit of God is here on earth to direct our paths into righteousness.

This earth you see today is not the home for people who are traveling in Jesus’ name. Our eternal home is heaven.

“But our citizenship is in heaven – and we also await a savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 3:20)

May God help us to live righteously according to his grace. May we travel like wise men seeking the most important treasure on earth. The treasure is Jesus Christ. Find him and you will have life.

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