Brian Houston Steps Aside as Hillsong Global Senior Pastor

Brain Houston steps down as global head pastor o

Brain Houston steps down as global head pastor o

Brian Houston Steps Aside as Hillsong Global Senior Pastor.

Hillsong is a global charismatic Church in Australia having weekly attendance of around 43,000 worshipers. Hillsong produces one of the best Christian songs that echo around the world. This has earned them millions of fans.

It’s quite unfortunate that the global head pastor is stepping to fight a court case alleging he is concerned about the situation.

Mr. Houston founded Hillsong in the Sydney suburbs in 1983. He has been an active leader since the establishment. This year has been a challenging year for Mr. Houston as he faces court charges.

According to Perthnow, He announced he is stepping aside as global senior pastor of the Church hence telling all members in a prerecorded video done during the Sunday morning service at Hillsong’s Sydney, Australia, headquarters.

This long leave will certainly make him busy throughout 2022. He explained his decision and current situation to all worshipers through the video by saying:

“The Hillsong Global Board feel it is in my and the church’s best interest for this to happen, so I have agreed to step aside from all ministry responsibilities until the end of the year.”

“The court case I am facing is related to circumstances surrounding my father, and I need to be fully committed to preparation and engagement with the case and work closely with my lawyers in defending this charge.

“I have said, including in a prior statement, that I intend to fight the charge and welcome the opportunity to set the record straight.”

We have talked about the effects of the situation with my father, which go back many years up to the current legal case, and the impact this has had on me emotionally.”

The case has been a retrospective call-up for him to defend himself. Houston’s father whose name is Frank, died in 2004. Frank has been accused of alleged sexual abuse against a young man in the 1970’s. His son now has to deal with the incidence at the law court.

Frank’s son, Houston, is preparing to face the court coming October in Sydney, Australia. The concern of the Church has been seeking to settle down this legal issue leveled against him.

He said:

“In December, during our board meeting, Hillsong’s external legal counsel gave the board advice regarding the current charge I am facing,”

“That it would be ‘best practice’ for me to step aside completely from church leadership during the court proceedings.

So it is in the Church’s interest to advise Mr. Houston to take some leave and solve the court case. He needs a lot of space and time to move in and out of the court with a good focus.

Houston, with the help of his lawyers, is ready to defend himself vehemently to redeem his name as a Church leader.

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