Husband Of Former Miss Mississippi Shot Dead While Sharing The Gospel

Crime Scene — shot dead

Crime Scene — shot dead

On Saturday, 22nd January a nasty crime happened at Montgomery, Alabama. Initially, the Police did not give much detail about it. The victim identified as Thomas Hand Jr. was pronounced dead at the crime scene (Texas Street in Montgomery).

According to WLOX, Thomas Hand Jr. is a husband to Gulf Coast native and former Miss Mississippi, Christine Kozlowski (33 years).

Sources have revealed that the shot happened right in front of their two years son. Thomas Hand Jr. A 37-year-old born-again Christian has met his untimely death while sharing the gospel with people at a home on Texas Street in Montgomery.

According to Daily Mail, the couple were residents there and so loved visiting the people with the word of God on Saturdays. It was a godly decision they took to push the word of God forward as part of the “Great Commission” known in the Bible.

Taking up the cross of Jesus Christ will surely make a lot of people hate you. The beginning of 2022 has been bloodshed against many people in the Christian faith. This fulfills some of the prophecies in the Bible. Hand was a God-loving man who wants others to know about His mighty works.

Unfortunately, someone shot him dead in a gruesome act. The culprit has been identified as a 17-year-old boy called Jerimiah Walker. Court has charged him with capital murder.

Authorities based their charges against the suspect on capital murder and by using the law, his this case is shooting the victim in the presence of a child below the age of 14.

The couple was expecting a child in August; Meaning Christine Kozlowski is carrying a baby for her husband and the most unfortunate thing has happened.

Hand and Christine D’Iberville got married in the year 2016. Hand Jr. who is fond of fitness and happens to be an ex-competitive bodybuilder became a born-again Christian in 2018. As a gym nerd, he has established his own supplement company.

His love for God made him take the decision to preach Jesus Christ and his amazing salvation plan to people in low-income areas in Alabama.

The suspect of the crime is still being held by authorities. Hands wife, Christine Kozlowski, shared a little bit of information on Facebook by showing her gratitude for all the encouragement she has received from the public.

In addition, she revealed some of the funeral plans put in place for her deceased husband. She said the funeral would be held in Metairie, La.(New Orleans), where her husband comes from. Later on, she will give much details about the funeral. This has kept fans and sympathizers waiting for an update.

She also appealed to the public to keep on supporting their supplement company called “Hand Nutrition.”

Take a look at the Facebook message from the screenshot below:

Facebook message from Hands wife Christine

Christine still needs her faithful customers and loved ones to support her, the kid, and Hands’ company.

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