Ghanaian Gospel Singer Perppey Embarks On ‘Let A Child Smile’ Project

Ghanaian Gospel Singer Perppey makes donation On 'Let A Child Smile' Project

Ghanaian Gospel Singer Perppey makes donations On 'Let A Child Smile' Project

Ghanaians have seen a lot of changes in their education curriculum by the government. As education is highly prioritized, individual activists have also taken the responsibility to help boost quality education in Ghana.

The country is still running on free High School education —a project initiated by the Akuffo Addo government.

Now, here comes a gospel musician who has dedicated part of her busy schedule to help less privileged school children.

Perpetual Tsahey, who is popularly known as Perppey in her music career in Ghana has embarked on a godly campaign to help the needy.

Perppey is not just a singer but a performer and songwriter. With her track “O’Fata Ayeyi” (God deserves praises), she touched the hearts of many Ghanaians. And winning an award in 2018 as the best female vocalist with her song ‘Adom’ (Grace).

Perppy With Her ‘Make A Child Smile’ Project

As a member of the ‘TV3 Bands Alive‘, she has donated books to children at Nhira Hills Government school. This is part of the project’s mission to give back to society and be a life-changer.

She revealed how passionate she has always been to help people in the best way she can. And that is exactly what she is doing:

“Children are back in school and I believe now, more than ever, books can make a difference to children who are stuck at home due to lack of funds to purchase exercise books.”

She also said she has been doing this for the past 5 years. With this year’s ‘Let A Child Smile’ campaign —she gave out exercise books worth 30GHC ($4.77) for children in the school.

In an interview with Ghanaian blogger and publicist Sista Ginna, Perppy said:

“I believe just a book can make a lasting impression or impact and this was the reason behind the donation.”

“I see the need to constantly reach out to the less privileged due to the fact that I recognize there is blessing in giving, I am determined to place smiles on the faces of those younger ones to boost their spirit up and provide them hope.”

According to her, this initiative has been a blessing to her. Because the Bible says there are more blessings in giving than receiving —so Perppy the Ghanaian gospel artiste loves giving.

Many Ghanaians have expressed their gratitude for her passion and love for helping needy children in the country. All they are saying is “May God bless you.”

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