Human Rights Activists Call For A Boycott Of Olympics ‘The Genocide Games’ In China

Human rights against Olympics in China

With Protests and prayers, human rights activists and distinguished individuals want to put a stop to the Beijing Olympic Games in China.

Human rights against Olympics in China
China is facing a lot of backlash from activists who are displeased with the country’s authoritarian power. Human rights abuse is on the rise.

As the county prepares to host the 2022 Olympic games, many people and groups have voiced out against the atrocities the communist government is committing against people.

Some of the oppressed groups are the Uyghur people and other ethnic minorities in China. Protesters are charging participants in the winter Games not to show up. They have termed the game “The Genocide Games.”

A very powerful and heart-touching letter from the International Tibet Network has reminded the athletes to consider whether medals are more valuable than human life.

Part of the letter reads:

“Surely human life is worth more than medals? We urge you to choose the right side and stand against genocide. Millions of Uyghurs are locked away in concentration camps suffering torture, rape, forced sterilization, and even death,” the letter reads.

“Tibetan children, as young as four-years-old, are being removed from their parents and sent into colonial boarding schools, forced into political reeducation classes designed to strip them of their Tibetan identity. And in Hong Kong, freedom and democratic rights have been turned to dust as people young and old are imprisoned for simply pressing to uphold freedoms.”

Now, this letter has revealed a lot of secrets about the communist government in China. This awareness is to help give victims their human rights.

But they believe if everyone joins them in their campaign —they will reach further and create a good atmosphere for the Tibetans and other minority groups going through oppression.

The athletes are one of the most important people needed in this regard. Protesters are urging them to opt out of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Their support will help them cause a great change that will bring dignity to human life. A gold medal is not important than human life, they say.

A Waring About Cell Phone Use

As the awareness keeps on echoing throughout the world, athletes have been warned to be very careful about their phone usage and overall online activities. Because there is the possibility of being exposed to digital surveillance and malicious software while in China.

In view of this treacherous plan, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee recommends the USA Team to use disposable or “burner” phones rather than their real phones.

This is to keep them safe from being monitored in an unauthorized way by the Chinese government while they participate in the Beijing Olympic Games.

According to sources Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) has also spoken about the threat looming in China:

“These are Xi Jinping’s Genocide Games, held in a nation that places its own people in concentration camps, forcing ethnic Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Kirghiz to labor in slavery.”

Smith further said, “call out sponsors like the Coca-Cola Company and others from the Winter Games.”

A video going viral online also has revealed that there is a reduction in the tweets global sponsors send to refer to the game compared to last year’s game. BBC made this analysis and found a reduced number of tweets from sponsors.

It then feels like gradually athletics, sponsors, and other individual groups are buying into the Justice protesters are demanding for the abolishment of slavery in China.

Water cube for Winter Games in Beijing

Smith finally said a prayer for China that the government renounce the wickedness of Communism and give freedom to those in prisons and concentration camps.

Sources say a well-known U.S. lawmaker has also demonstrated his support for a boycott of the Winter Olympics. He did this by organizing a rally at the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C.

Together, with everyone in this fight against communism and its atrocities against humans —will come to an end. There is a very big disinterest moving in the hearts of many people around the world toward the Olympic Games —hence the term ‘The Genocide Games.’

China needs prayers from all around the world. As far as human rights are important in our global world, we need peace, love, and unity —despite our differences.

May God help put an end to these inhuman activities. Prayers and protests ate still going on.

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