Kenya’s Most Wanted Terrorist Finally Arrested in DRC

Most wanted terrorist in Kenya arrested

Most wanted terrorist in Kenya arrested

There is a piece of good news for the people of Kenya. Part of the country has been raided by terrorists —drawing the attention of the government to fight relentlessly against it.

The most wanted terrorist, Rashid Mohamed Salim has been arrested in the long run. He is one of Kenya’s most wanted terrorists on the government’s radar.

Reports coming in from ICC says the local people captured him on Saturday in a village in the DRC. Salim was then handed over to the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC).

Salim has been an experienced terrorist in Cabo Delgado where he had joined Mozambique’s Islamic State group. Like a lion, he strikes fear in the people of Kenya.

Sources say he is a university graduate who found himself on radical Islamic grounds at a popular Mosque in Mombasa, Kenya.

A resident explained how this terrorism has been a big problem for them. With an interview with ICC, Beni explained:

“This young man is a great terrorist. He is a very big player in the activities of slaughtering Christians in this part of Beni,” a source in Beni told ICC. We have been receiving pictures and short films of him cutting the throats of Christians and the police. It is said that he is the one who captures them or has them captured via his telephone by fellow rebels when he is in the process of acting and publishes them as propaganda. He is already an Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) commander.”

Salim, who has been hiding and killing Christians has finally been in the hands of authorities. Before his arrest, the government placed a sum of money on him for anyone who will lead to his arrest.

The Kenyan Anti-Terror Police started tracking him on November 2021 with the government offering a $100,000 reward for him and four others on terrorism charges.

Investigations are going on to unveil further details about his inhuman activities. A video of him shows how he gets his motivation to slaughter humans like goats in a slaughterhouse.

“I Killed in the name of Allah”

They asked him about a video of him beheading a FARDC officer, he said:

“I was given a machete by the ADF rebels to behead the government’s soldier that we had captured. They told me to draw attention to all the people of the world that there was Islam in Congo, and they were invited to come and spread the Islamic religion so that Islam can rule the whole world. So, I killed the FARDC soldier in the name of Allah.”

When asked where he acquired the new FARDC, Salim said:

“I was given by the ADF rebels when they captured us. In the forest, we have a commander called Abdalla who looks like an East African, but he is most likely Ugandan for he speaks some Luganda.”

Salim, being one of the most wanted terrorists in Kenya recruits youth into terror groups in East Africa to pursue their terrorism.

Credit has been given to the government and the local folks for cooperating to arrest Salim in the long run. Still in the government’s hands for any legal charges against.

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