Nigerian Government Grants Bail To Journalist Reporting On Christian Persecutions After 84 Days In Detention

Nigerian authorities grants bail to journalists reporting on Christian attacks


Nigerian authorities grants bail to journalists reporting on Christian attacks

The rise of Christian persecution is still a problem to many farming communities —especially in places like Kaduna. Nigeria is part of the Open Doors Report for 2022 worst 50 countries for Christians to stay in.

A journalist known as Luka Binniyat has been granted bail after being in detention for 84 days. His alleged offense by the government is reporting about attacks against predominantly Christian communities. Binniyat himself is a Catholic, reports says.

He reports for the anti-communist Epoch Times. And now has been in hot waters for reporting about the numerous attacks Christians receive from Fulani people. The government of Nigeria arrested Binniyat because of an Oct. 29 article called “In Nigeria, Police Decry Massacres as ‘Wicked’ But Make No Arrests.”

Epoch Times’ Africa Desk Editor Doug Burton confirmed the reason for his arrest. The article sighted on 29th October covered some of the atrocities Christian communities suffer from Islamic extremists such as the Fulani people. According to the report thousands of Christians have been killed which is considered as “near genocide” by Christian activists.

According to the Christian post, after several days in the hands of the government, he has been released by the federal high court in Nigeria’s Kaduna on Thursday.

After the hearing on Thursday, Binniyat pleaded not guilty to the charge of cyberstalking a government official, the U.K.-based group Christian Solidarity Worldwide said in a statement.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide founder and president Mervyn Thomas said:

“We urge the Kaduna state authorities to ensure the due process continues to be observed as his trial progresses and to prioritize the arrest and prosecution of genuine instigators and perpetrators of violence, along with the protection of citizens regardless of creed or ethnicity.”

The Nigerian government has also released a statement that there is no “religious genocide” happening in the states.

This contrast a statement from a Nigerian senator who accused the Kaduna government of “using Samuel Aruwan, a Christian, to cause confusion to cover up the genocide going on in Christian Southern Kaduna by describing the measure as a ‘clash’” as opposed to a targeted act of violence against Christians.

Nigerian authorities released the journalist after 84 days in detention for reporting on attacks against Christians. Legal processes are still in progress.

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