Pope Francis Prays And Congratulates Italy’s President On His 2nd Term

Pope congratulated Italy's president

Pope congratulated Italy's president

In Italy, an election is conducted every 7 years by a distinguished group of voters around 1,000. A simple majority win is needed after a couple of rounds of voting.

In January, 24 Italians started voting for a new president. The voting process takes rounds of votes before a winner is declared. On 29th January, the incumbent President Mattarella who is 80 years of age won the office for a second term. He was willing to leave office but has had another term to walk Italy through.

President, Mattarella won the election to extend his term of office another 7 years. He is expected to take the oath of office on February 3.

Mattarella, has been a Catholic long before becoming a president. Pope has recognized his passion for the country and so has sent a message of congratulations to him —followed by a prayer.

According to the Catholic Register, Pope Francis has congratulated President Mattarella, said some prayers for him, and encouraged him to work hard to push Italy forward despite the pandemic and other challenges affecting the entire world.

The Pope sent a personal telegraph on the 29th of January to Italy’s elected president at Quirinal Palace. He wrote Mattarella had accepted his high task “with a spirit of generous availability.”

“In these times characterized by the pandemic, in which many hardships and uncertainties have spread, especially in the work sector, and fear has increased along with poverty … your service is even more essential to consolidate unity and bring peace to the country,” Pope Francis said.

“I assure you of my prayers that you may continue to support the dear Italian people in building an ever more fraternal coexistence and encourage them to face the future with hope.”

The president also expressed his gratitude and willingness to help the country move forward:

“Duty to the nation must prevail over my own personal choices,” Mattarella said in a speech after his election on Jan. 29.

The whole Italian country is waiting to see him swear an oath on 3rd February 2022.

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