Ghanaian Bishops Say Anti-LGBT Bill “Is Severe And Must Be Reviewed.”

Ghanaian Bishops says the anti-LGBTQ bill is severe

Ghanaian Bishops says the anti-LGBTQ bill is severe

The people of Ghana have always reviled against LGBTQ supporters and their agenda. A greater part of the country denounces the act and so victimizes anyone found to be gay.

The government has therefore taken a step in respecting the interest and, beliefs of Ghanaians. Parliament is still in the process of using the law to criminalized homosexuality.

Ningo Prampram Member of Parliament, Mr. George (Sam Georgia), one of the proponents of the Bill has been very active in pushing the it into law. Many Ghanaians have praised him for his audacious contributions.

In recent times some of the local churches being Anglican and Methodist have been pressured by their allies in the UK to accept homosexuals. This has been turned down by the local churches because it doesn’t auger well for the local people. It doesn’t sound Biblical as well.

Now the government is seeking to address this situation once and for all. A proposed bill is still pending approval.

A similar situation has happened in the neighboring country, Senegal. People in the capital, Dakar have demonstrated for tougher punishment against homosexuals.

Within the Bill, anyone caught in the practice of homosexuality is liable for up to 10 years imprisonment. The bill has it that anyone identified as LGBTQ will face a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

Meaning culprits would have to think of being in prison for at least 5 years or more. This is something the Bishops consider to be severe. It has already sparked debates among different social classes and even in the Ghanaian Parliament.

News coming in from Anglican bishops in Ghana reveals that they have spoken out about this very proposed criminalization of LGBTQ bill, the people, and their allies in their country. This followed a proposed acceptance of LGBTQ people by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Last Friday, the House of Bishops in Ghana disclosed some sections of the bill concerning Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill which in due process of endorsement is “severe and must be reviewed.”

Ghanaian Archbishop, Dr. Cyril Kobina Ben-Smith, signed a statement and confirmed that an online meeting was held with Archbishop Welby in November.

Part of the signed statement says:

“We agreed that, though human dignity is always dominant, LGBTQI+ activities are frowned upon by the Ghanaian ethnicity and therefore, traditions, values, cultural and social frameworks must not also only be regarded but, respected and appreciated.

“Nevertheless, Ghanaian citizens must not use the bill as an avenue to assault persons with homosexual orientation but show love to them as the Church of Jesus Christ is called to demonstrate the love of God by protecting all vulnerable people and groups. Acts of harassment, intimidation, and hostilities against LGBTQ+ people should be condemned.

“We affirm and are committed to the 1998 Lambeth Conference Resolution 1.10 in its entirety. For us, this represents the last and most widely accepted statement by the Anglican Communion on the question of human sexuality.

“We further agree that, the criminalization of sections of the bill are severe and must be reviewed. Rather we propose a transformational agenda.

“Generally, we, as a Church in Ghana, seek to strengthen Ghanaian family life by promoting Human Sexual Rights that is supported and accepted by Ghanaian family values.”

In November, Archbishop Welby apologized for not addressing the bishops in Ghana first before making a statement about the LGBTQ issues in Ghana

Ghanaians are still holding on to their stance saying a BIG “no” to any LGBTQ activities in the country. Local people, chiefs, and leaders of various societies and governmental bodies all frown on it. It’s only a few people who have come out to defend the LGBTQ people in the country.

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