‘Society Is Lying To You’ — Jesus Is The Truth —Skillet’s John Cooper

Skillet's John Cooper says society is lying to the youth

Skillet's John Cooper says society is lying to the youth

American musician and songwriter John Cooper has always been outspoken about his faith and love in Jesus Christ. Cooper is co-founder of the Christian rock band Skillet.

He has taken it to the stage by sending awareness to young people that they are being lied to. And as a matter of fact, need to reconsider their decision of believing in politicians and other celebrities.

Scooper said that society wants the young generation to believe that they are fine. That there is nothing wrong or nothing to worry about. He said that is a lie. Because that contradicts what the Bible says.

The Bible being the word of God has declared all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So everyone needs Jesus to wash away his sins and make him whole. He charged them by saying this generation needs Christians who are proud to call Jesus their Lord and Savior.

News sighted on Christian Headlines says the award winner artist made that statement during a stop in Peoria, Ill., for Winter Jam, the Christian concert series that involves multiple acts. The 39-city tour concludes on March 27.

“You are being lied to every single day,” Cooper said, addressing young people in the audience. “You get on social media, you’re being lied to. You watch any news, you are definitely being lied to. You listen to politicians, you’re being lied to you. Hollywood is lying to you. Influencers are lying to you.

“… Society is telling all of our young people, ‘You’re good just the way you are.’ But the Bible says actually, there’s a big problem with the way that you are because every single one of us has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” he added. “You are not OK, but Jesus made a way for you to be restored. That’s the great news.”

“If they are so happy, I want to know why they are committing suicide in the largest, highest rates in American history. I want to know why they’re so depressed,” Cooper said. “I want to know why they are so anxiety-ridden. I want to know why they change sexual partners every single week. … They think they are finding freedom by liberating themselves from God. And I feel bad for them. Because they don’t

Yes, he cited relevant examples of how the lives of many so-called celebrities are screwed up. There is no truth in what they tell society that they are fine. According to him, that is an attempt to draw people from the Bible.

By sending his message to the young generation he also noted that celebrities appear to be happy but they are not, instead they are anxiety-driven. Always trying to find happiness outside the Bible. Today there is a relationship problem, the following day there is an anxiety problem. They, therefore, don’t lead a life that needs to be copied.

He said true happiness comes from God. So if the young generation is searching for happiness but can’t find it —then the only way is Jesus Christ.

Cooper further shared his innermost feeling by telling the youths there are supposed Christian celebrities who have deconstructed the true faith in Jesus. They are misleading people by telling them to divorce themselves from the Bible or Jesus Christ.

Cooper reiterated the only answer to this generation’s societal problems is to find the true way. A way that gives life and true happiness.

Yes, there is an answer. His name is Jesus Christ. … cooper said.

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