Facebook Targets Christian Ministries Converting People From Homosexuality And Transgendarism

Facebook shutting down Christian ministries

Facebook shutting down Christian ministries

It’s been very challenging for Christian activists and ministries to help people with sexual orientations that contradict what is in the Bible. Hence converting them from LGBTQ activities has been viewed as a violation of human rights.

Our societies are gradually kicking out the Biblical teachings of marriage and issues concerning sexual perversions. Social Media has been a very helpful platform for reaching out to thousands to millions of people who need counseling about homosexuality and transgenderism.

News sighted on Focus On The Family has revealed that Facebook, being one of the most used social media platforms in the world has started censoring and shutting down Christian ministries that help people deal with transgender and homosexuality issues.

These ministries point out to men and women that those kinds of sexual orientations are sinful in the sight of the Lord.

Facebook and the big tech companies are working hard to silence companies and individuals who advocate for male and female marriage as the legitimate and godly way of living or raising a family.

Sources say that Facebook has recently removed some Christian ministries that denounce LGBTQ+ from their platform. Some of them are:

Mastering Life Ministries

• Pure Passion Media, a Christian ministry that creates and provides books, films, and videos for the sexually broken.

• Help 4 Families, which provides help for families affected by transgenderism;

• Living Stone Ministries which offers support groups and resources for families affected by homosexuality.

There are a couple more that have been shut down. Owners of these ministries were left surprised to see their pages removed from Facebook without any notification.

Denis Schick, The executive director of Help 4 Families and Living Stone Ministries expressed her concern. She said she had no notification from the tech giant that her page has been deleted. She said, she only found out when she went to the sites and found them gone, with the notice, “This content isn’t available right now.”

Facebook says it bans “hate speech,” which it defines as “a direct attack against people – rather than concepts or institutions on the basis of what we call protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and serious disease.”

It’s unclear how any of these ministries was engaging in “direct attacks against people” based on their “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”

Instead, Facebook is violating its own policies, silencing groups based on their “religious affiliation.” These organizations share the foundational Christian beliefs that God designed humans male and female in His image and created marriage between one man and one woman as a lifelong, covenantal, faithful, one-flesh union.

The accounts were closed after two reports were released by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), targeting such specialized ministries and counseling centers. GPAHE labels help for unwanted LGBT issues “conversion therapy,” an all-encompassing, intentionally vague phrase, which is so broad as to have no meaning at all.

Facebook censoring Christian ministries

According to GPAHE directives, big techs
such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google have to silence any organization offering help for those whose sexual attractions, identity and behaviors conflict with their deeply held religious beliefs.

This is becoming a serious challenge for Christians, Churches, and companies that operates under Biblical teachings.

It feels like an unending war going on between what is right in the Bible and what is right in our human institutions. Many Christians have to face legal issues for simply expressing their Christian faith in schools, at workplaces, in public, etc, It’s been happening around the world.

Censorship of Christian beliefs is on the increase. GPAHE sees biblical beliefs about marriage as something that violates human rights in terms of sexual preference —hence calls it “anti-LGBTQ+.”

This big organization believes it’s “harmful” and “malicious” for Christians to believe that homosexual and “transgender” identities and behaviors are a sin and to help people struggling

Shut up sign

Now, many are left confused: Should they believe the Bible’s teachings about marriage and sexual orientations or listen to GPAHE?

There is a big challenge to Christianity in this 21st century. Issues like this often bring into memory what the Bible said about the end times. Many are still wondering how Christians can effectively tap into Facebook’s meta-verse and lead more people t Christ from that virtual world platform.

The Bible still remains in the hearts of many Christians because its prophecies have been seen coming into fulfillment seen the beginning of this world.

For other reasons, this same Bible has been banned in certain countries. China for instance has very strict laws dealing with Christians, Churches, and Christian organizations.

Christians can feel the challenge on the internet and in real life. This is raising a generation of people who disregard the Bible as the word of God.

What will the future be like? Since big techs, governmental bodies, and other activists are working hard to root out Biblical teachings about marriage?

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