Lessons Coronavirus Has Thought The World Today

A woman with nose mask

A woman with a nose mask

Who thought there will be a perilous time in the year 2020…? Normal life and economic activities got disrupted because of a deadly virus called “COVID-19.” Surely it has come to teach the world a big lesson.

Unfortunately many have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. As of 4th February 2022, 5,734,878 have died from coronavirus infection. Innocent people are still dying out there… This data is from the official page of worldometers.

Now let’s take a look at how the emergence of coronavirus has had serious effects on our lives. The effect will leave irreparable memories in the hearts of billions of people. I don’t think someone will say he didn’t feel the impact; not even the world billionaires — because their wealth kept fluctuating like something. The economy?

In all, we are still hopeful to meet our normal lifestyle soon. Whoever is the cause of this global crisis isn’t an important issue to talk about at this moment.

It is about thinking about how we can together wipe clean it from the surface of our beautiful world. I believe you have learned some lessons from this pandemic.

The records of daily deaths created fear and panic… The virus and it’s variants are killing more people… And it’s still threatening the world. Many are not yet done dealing with their mental stress. The nightmares haven’t ended yet.

Let’s have a look at the number of people who have lost their lives to Covid-19 ( over 5 million). Nothing shows that you are far more important than them.

In this case, we say it’s by the grace of God that we are still alive. The virus never shows respect to any human. Irrespective of your social class, you could be taken out of this world by COVID-19.

It has taken down both the poor, rich, wise, etc, into their graves. Thank God we are still alive. It’s by His grace. The Bible says where there is life —there is hope. So the world is still holding unto the torch of hope.

Again, the coronavirus pandemic has thought the world that, we need to help the weak, poor and show them love.

Many companies, activists, and distinguished individuals contributed heavily to curtail the spread of the virus in their various societies. The US is shipping 400 million vaccines to poor countries around the world. It’s an ongoing project giving help to needy nations.

Some International bodies also disbursed funds to help fight against Covid-19 in many different countries. Time to think about ‘life‘, not fortune or wealth.

At the peak of infection in Italy some Chinese doctors volunteered to help Italy fight the virus. This has thought the world that we should love each other and be concerned for each other’s needs.

We are humans and so must be loving, kind, and sociable at all times. Love is the greatest thing we need to live a happy life in this crooked world.

Compassion filled the hearts of a lot of individuals and companies. This ushered them into helping poor countries with tools, foodstuff, and other materials to fight the virus. Jack Ma and others did that.

It sounds as simple as this “together, we can make the world a better place.” But the most unfortunate thing is, evil is still growing strong in the hearts of some people.

On the other hand, many are still feeling grateful for reuniting with families during the crazy lockdowns. Friendship and conversation intensified through the internet and social media when outdoor activities were just a wish.

Finally, covid-19 has thought the world that — we are all travelers on this planet. One day everyone will die. We have also embraced the fact that having the breath of life is enough.

As the virus wreak havoc in our lives, many found Jesus as their Lord and savior. Because everything happening raises awareness of the end times. The Bible has said it already.

Today, many people feel grateful and satisfied for going through all the marathons of avoiding being infected by the virus which leads to possible death.

Things coronavirus has thought the world

We are waiting to see our churches full in numbers, businesses back to normal, and all other social activities back to normal. Whatever the case might be today. It will never be the same forever. May God keep on granting us His grace. May we also learn to do His will in all respect. There is hope!

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