Bible for Christian life coaching

Bible for Christian life coaching

There are many different ways to support fellow Christians. As a pastor that can range from the practical, such as cooking for someone, through to emotionally supporting a bereaved widow.

However, there’s an aspect of my life as a pastor, which I’d never read about or considered, but has been a very fruitful part of my ministry.

I soon came to realise many people were stuck in life, and this was causing them an issue. They didn’t need counselling or therapy, but they did need help with finding direction and to be able to move forward in life. This is where my role as a Christian life coach comes in.

While we all have problems of varying sizes and difficulties, sometimes finding help in an area of life where you feel stuck isn’t quite as easy to overcome as it first may seem.

Whether the issue is:

  • Wanting to change your career
  • Find greater fulfilment in life
  • Looking for clarity over a decision that needs to be made
  • Getting over those Monday morning blues
  • Becoming more productive

or something else, life coaching can greatly help.

As Christians, we place ourselves under God’s caring hand. We also want walk faithfully in his truth, and working with a life coach who understands this aspect of a Christian’s life will bring spiritual depth the decisions made.

Many Christian’s can tie themselves up in knots, trying to work out their purpose in life, knowing that ‘we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ Eph 2:10

How does the work of God, created for us in advance, go along with our own desires to do certain work or to make specific decisions in life?

When I provide Christian life coaching, everything is done from a biblical perspective, and this unique understanding means I can work with a coachee to help them find fulfilment in their own personal goals as well as in living a fulfilling godly life.

It’s been a joy to be able to help so many people with this life skill. To see people flourish as they come to self-realisation, all the while walking in the authority of our God and king.

Scripture tells us to ‘take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.’ We need to own this verse as a direct promise from God, and in seeking him and his will for our lives, know it is him who has placed those desires deep within us.

Knowing God is for us and not against us is often one of the key breakthroughs that people find during a session. It’s a privilege and a joy to share those moments with people.

If you’ve never considered Christian life coaching, it may be the breakthrough you need to propel yourself forward in life.

Gordon Hall is a trained life coach and a pastor in the North of England.

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