Daughter Kills Her Mother During Prayer Session In Texas By Sitting On Her Chest



A shocking report coming in from ‘Christianpost’ has revealed the cause of a Texas pastor’s death. The culprit is called Gloria Ann Jordan, 41 years old woman from Wichita Falls.

The police arrested her on Tuesday for a crime she committed last year November 21st according to Wichita County Jail online booking records. Her charge is manslaughter. She tried to hide her crime but the truth has finally come out and justice is being served.

It’s so hard to understand why some professed Christians act weirdly by doing the unthinkable.

Gloria Equila Farmer Jordan, 70 who is the mother of Gloria Ann Jordan has met her untimely death. According to reports, Gloria Farmer Jordan was a pastor of First Pentecostal Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. People thought her death was natural but sources have revealed her own daughter caused the death.

A few days after Gloria’s death, the family sought to find more details about the incident. The police did the necessary investigation and finalized it with an autopsy.

Then the secret of Gloria’s death came into the limelight. Her daughter has been accused of straddling her mother in what she called a “prayer position,” suffocating her in November, authorities said.

The autopsy revealed that Gloria Farmer Jordan died of mechanical asphyxia, and her death was ruled a homicide case.

Police then interviewed the only other persons who were at home with Pastor Jordan Farmer. Her 41-year-old daughter, Gloria Ann Jordan, and another woman were available.

Reports from sources say the death happened in the presence of the two people. That is her own daughter Gloria Ann Jordan and another woman.

The other woman revealed the secret to authorities by saying the truth through an affidavit. She was afraid initially to speak out.

She said, Ann Jordan put her hand on Farmer’s forehead while praying, and pushed her backward in an office chair until the chair fell over. Gloria Ann Jordan then straddled her mother’s body, sitting on her chest while Gloria Farmer Jordan asked her to move because she could not breathe.

She said she tried to help but failed in her attempt. The culprit being the daughter of the deceased Pastor of First Pentecostal Church has finally admitted to straddling her mother during a prayer session.

Even though the mother yelled she can’t breathe, but she sat on her chest until she stopped breathing. Such a painful death has left people questioning why a daughter should do such a thing to a mother.

Authorities gave the police the legal permission by issuing a warrant on Tuesday, and Gloria Ann Jordan was arrested by the Burkburnett Police Department, according to online jail records.

Gloria Ann Jordan is being held on $150,000 bail. Further details would be revealed to the public.

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