Fire Breaks Out At Cathedral Where Archbishop Desmond Tutu Is Buried

Archbishop Tutu's burial ground at the Cathedral catches firees

Archbishop Tutu's burial ground at the Cathedral catches firees

It wasn’t a long time that the renowned South African Archbishop, Desmond Tutu died. Tutu has been the front leader of South Africa when talking about nobility in the country. His faith and spiritual growth level have helped South Africa in so many ways.

He was buried in January 2022, following his death on Boxing Day.

After a wonderful burial, there has been a fire outbreak at the cathedral (St George’s) that entombed his mortal remains.

News coming in from sources indicates that people found the blazing fire at around 2 am local time in Cape Town. They found the fire in the basement of St George’s Cathedral.

Michael Weeder, shared his view on the fire incident:

“The fire was an act of arson,” claimed father Michael Weeder, dean at the cathedral, when writing to the people of the parish.

“It appears that a lit piece of cotton/gauze was thrown through the small, barred window near the steps leading up to the cathedral’s (main) entrance,” he said.

Someone was spotted running away from the cathedral.”

So far there is no one found guilty of the fire outbreak at the burial ground of Archbishop Tutu.

Investigators are working on this to reveal any hidden truth. Records show that the very day they buried him, there was a fire outbreak near the parliament building, located just meters away.  The culprit is still in the hands of authorities.

So this is the second fire outbreak that needs a thorough investigation. Hopefully, anyone involved would be brought to justice.

Archbishop Tutu died at the age of 90. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, after being in nomination for three years. Just like Nelson Mandela, he played a significant role in the anti-apartheid and human rights campaigns.

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