Fire Destroys Church In Adelaide South Leaving $2 Million Damage

Fire Destroys Church In Adelaide South

Source: Abc News

Fire Destroys Church In Adelaide South
Source: Abc News

A church located at Adelaide South has been burned down to ashes. Reports coming in say the fire was probably lit by someone intentionally.

People nearby spotted smoke coming from the roof of the church. That prompted them of the fire outbreak.

It all happened when people saw the Church caught on fire. They called in the Firefighters and police to St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church on Dyson Road at Christies Beach around 12:15 am.

In order to quench the fire, authorities blocked Northbound traffic on Dyson Road while the Metropolitan Fire Service battled the blaze.

The MFS said the cause of the fire remained unknown but the damage bill had been estimated at $2 million.

According to sources, Forty firefighters, several Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and other Country Fire Service (CFS) vehicles showed up to help secure the place by stopping the blazing fire.

The fire spokeswoman reported by saying:

“No occupants were inside. Due to the intensity of the fire, a smoke advice was issued … for nearby residents to shut windows and doors,” an MFS spokeswoman said.

“Fire investigators have determined the fire as suspicious due to there being no power connected to the property,” the spokeswoman said.

Fire investigators were unable to enter the damaged church because it was not all that accessible at the moment they calmed down the fire. The MFS later indicated the fire was likely deliberately lit.

The cause is attributed to human involvement. An investigation is still going on to find out any hidden truth behind the burning of Adelaide’s Church in the South.

To speed up the investigation, the police have released a number for the public to call and help find more details about the incident and bring to justice anyone who is involved in the burning of St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church on Dyson Road at Christies Beach.

Authorities are welcoming anyone with information on the fire to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The estimated damage is a $2 million bill. Further details about the damages would be released.

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