Bethel Church Calls For Prayers For Beni Johnson As She Battles Cancer

Bethel Church needs Prayers For Beni Johnson As He Battles Cancer

Bethel Church needs Prayers For Beni Johnson As He Battles Cancer

Sad news coming from US Bethel mega Church has revealed the critical health condition of their leader. 24/7 prayers have been staged for a complete healing.

Who is Beni Johnson?

Beni Johnson is the senior leader of Bethel, a megaga Church in the USA. The entire church is requesting prayers from all Christians around the world to pray for her as she battles cancer.

Cancers are one of the ruthless diseases that wreak havoc on lives. By believing in prayers and the power of God, the Church is soliciting prayers for its leader.

Beni is married to Bill who together oversees the renowned church. This church has gained world recognition for its ministry and the beautiful Christian music it produces.

Pastor Dann Farrelly called for persistent prayer through a speech he delivered to the congregation at Bethel’s Redding campus on Sunday.

He spoke of it being a “serious situation” with Beni not sleeping and struggling with breathing.

They are praying for complete healing and restoration for their leader. Part of the plan has been taken online to pray continually for her recovery.

On the internet, the Church is asking that people “pray for Beni’s complete and total victory over cancer”.

All hope has been set on God.

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