Catholic Doctor Banned For Providing Abortion-Reversing Treatment To Women

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Catholic Doctor banned for providing abortion reverse pills

As abortion keeps on being a trending topic in the States, UK etc, religious beliefs and governmental policies have also always been at odds.

There is a compelling argument going on in UK and many other countries. A Catholic doctor has given out treatment to reverse abortion for women in crisis pregnancies. This has got him into trouble.

Who Is Dr. Dermot Kearney?

Dr. Dermot Kearney is a former President of the Catholic Medical Association in the United Kingdom.

He is an NHS doctor who was banned from giving medical treatment to reverse abortion for women in crisis pregnancies.

This very medical help has affected his professional career as a doctor. He is now fighting it out. He wants the case to come to an end this month in the High Court.

The Story Of Dr. Dermot Kearney

Sometimes, women opt out to continue the abortion process by having a second thought or for other medical reasons. This is what we know as reverse abortion treatment. Simple pills can do that.

The process involves administering the natural hormone progesterone to a pregnant woman who has decided to urgently reverse the effects of the first abortion pill, mifepristone.

Last year, Dr. Dermot Kearney got an 18 months ban for providing emergency abortion pill rescue therapy (APR) to a certain number of women.

This punishment doesn’t auger well for his profession so he is seeking legal help to redeem his image. He has gained massive support from Christian Legal Centre.

This organization says the move by the GMC to prevent him from providing the treatment is believed to be the first time a medical doctor has been prohibited from providing a medication that saves lives.

Again, Christian Legal Centre explained that 32 women who received APR treatment from Dr. Kearney have given birth to healthy babies. This is a piece of good news that needs to be cherished. Saving lives is better than destroying them.

According to them, the act of the Catholic doctor has brought greater awareness to women who need a reverse of their initial attempt to abort their unborn babies.

In view of that, there was a high demand for APR during the pandemic.

This spike came right after the government changed abortion rules to allow the two pills needed for an abortion to be sent to women.

Sources say on 24 February 2022, Dr. Kearney’s case will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice. His lawyers are ready to defend him so that the ban on him would be dropped.

Fellow Christians in the Christian Legal Centre are giving him full support in all respective ways.

Their chief executive officer Andrea Williams said:

“The ban on Dr. Kearney is wrong and should be reversed.

“We have seen many women immediately regret taking the first abortion pill. Dr. Kearney offers the possibility of saving the pregnancy when this happens. He should have the freedom to do it.”

Doctor Kearney and his lawyers expect a positive result from their plea at the high court. So that he can peacefully continue his work and save more lives.

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