Tonga Christians Give Thanks To God After The Volcano

Tonga Christians thank God after the volcano

Tonga Christians thank God after the volcano

Tonga is a small island located in Oceania, it is in the South Pacific Ocean, directly south of Samoa and about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand.

On January 15 a volcano erupted in the island kingdom destroying lives and properties. NASA scientists revealed that the volcanic eruption was hundreds of times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. And that is unimaginable. People run for their lives by abandoning their houses.

Sources say the Tonga volcano was so massive that after the blast, it dumped a huge layer of ash several inches thick onto buildings, cars, plants, and trees and generated waves that reached estimated heights of about 50 feet.

It destroyed villages, beaches, resorts, and everything on the coastline.

Sources say the Tonga volcano pushed boulders and debris onto roads making them inaccessible. The undersea telecommunications cable connecting the South Pacific nation of 105,000 residents with the rest of the world got damaged.

As Tongans remember the huge devastation of the volcano and the recorded death and casualties, they believe God has favored them. It’s a miracle to them that many did not lose their lives on a large scale. Family members have been waiting to see loved ones alive.

Christians in Tonga have been very grateful fo God and the entire world who prayed for them. Prayers came from all around the world and on social media.

Sela Finau, pastor of First United Methodist Church of Taylor, near Austin, Texas said:

“These were sleepless nights for me and many Tongans around the globe,” said “We were desperately waiting to hear any word of life from the kingdom. While our communication line was down with family and the people of Tonga, we leaned onto our faith. We knew that our communication line with God was always open and that we could petition for God’s mercy and protection.”

Tevi, the former general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches also said:

“We feel that we have been the subject of the prayers of the worldwide Christian community.

In all, the people of Tonga are crediting the minimal effects of the volcano on human lives to God. Looking at the intensity of the blast and destruction, many more were supposed to die. But they believed God has listened to their prayers.

Siesia “Sia” Puloka, who happens to be a pastor of Seaview United Methodist Church in Seattle also said:

“For the last two weeks, I have been in prayer day and night, thanking God that he spared Tonga.”

Again, history reveals that Tonga was built on the foundation of the Christian faith. They also point their Christian background and the intervention of God to their King —Tupou, who dedicated the islands to God in the year 1839.

Tonga people are grateful to God for sparing the lives of many despite the huge mess of the volcano. They will always worship God as they used to.

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