Truck Drivers Defend Their ‘God-Given Rights’ By Protesting Against COVID Mandate

Truck drivers in Canada protest against vaccine mandate
Truck drivers in Canada protest against vaccine mandate
Jason Franson/The Canadian Press via AP

The world has been a chaotic place for many people because of the coronavirus pandemic. As we keep on fighting against coronavirus, some programs laid down by governmental bodies and other high authorities around the world have become questionable.

It doesn’t auger well for many workers and individuals to go for the vaccine jab by force. Soldiers and many public workers like Doctors, nurses, teachers have lost their jobs for refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

It sounds like, hey the guy sitting next to you is doing fine; there is no infection. Why should he go for jabs by force? It doesn’t feel right. It’s making people go through intense mental stress — thus finding themselves in dilemma.

Who is bold enough to challenge the government’s vaccine mandate? Here comes truck drivers from Canada. Someone like Andrew Torba has created a parallel economy on his gab platform to help people enjoy their right and alternative jobs that do not impose by force vaccination and other demands.

The story is becoming worse. As people still recognize their fundamental rights and religious freedoms, they have decided to fight for that right.

And this is the exact thing happening in Canada. Truck drivers in Canada have initiated a peaceful protest to fight against COVID Mandate and other demands by authorities. Their move was inspired by what they call “Freedom Convoy.” The protest is happening in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.

Their agenda has been welcomed by thousands of others around the world. The “Freedom Convoy” plans to remain there until the politicians on Parliament Hill cease all mandates that undermine their liberties.

This bold decision by the Canadians has also inspired some Truck drivers in the US and other parts of the world to follow their steps. Those in h States are also organizing protests by driving from California to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Brian Brase helped assemble “Convoy to D.C. 2022” on Facebook, which gained over 100,000 members, as a place for truckers to discuss and plan the upcoming journey. During an interview with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, Brase revealed that Facebook removed the group’s page last week.

On Wednesday, the Convoy to DC 2022 Facebook group informing and inspiring participants of the protest got banned by Facebook authorities.

Facebook says, their page breaks their policies. Thepostmillenial reported about how things happened against these truck protesters’ Facebook page.

Twitter post about Facebook banning Truck drivers page

Co-Organizer Brian Brase Of “Convoy To DC 2022” — together with Tucker Carlson Discussed the Facebook Page banned issue which held Over 130,000 Members.

American Truckers are also giving their full support and plan to raise the same awareness in the Sates. They want to defend their ‘God-Given Rights’ through a peaceful protest by driving across the country.

Brian Brase On The Mandates: “This is a major violation of our human rights or some would call our God-given rights.”

“I am a truck driver in the United States. I am a huge supporter of what they’ve done up north in Canada,” he said. “This is about being an American. This isn’t about if you’re a Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from, where you align yourself with different segments of society. None of that matters. It’s about a movement across the globe to stand up to our governments as individuals and our rights, especially when it comes to healthcare.

These Truckers have also gained support from a Republican candidate called Tyler Lee (NC-12). He posted on Twitter giving the protesters his support and encouragement.

“I’m so proud because the truckers of America are standing up and they are creating this convoy to D.C. that is starting in California. I’m excited to join them on this journey,” Lee said.

Sources say on the 14th February 2022 all European Convoys will RDV in Brussels and Siege the European Capital until Vaccination Pass and Associated Restrictions are Abolished.

Thousands of people around the world are giving their support to these audacious truck drivers. Some shared their views on Twitter saying they would prefer track drivers to rule the country —not elites and academicians.

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