President Sisi Names First Christian As Head Of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court

Bo is the first Christian President of Egypt's SCC
Bo is the first Christian President of Egypt's SCC
Bolis Fahmy Eskandar

Egypt, a north African country is a predominantly Islamic nation. In 2019, Arab Barometer estimated that 9.6% of Christians live in Egypt. The greater percentage being 90.3% are Muslims.

The incumbent President of Egypt, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has broken new grounds by issuing a decree on Tuesday to appoint the first Coptic Christian as president of the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC).

This has been a great step for Christians to feel more welcomed in the highly Islamic populated country.

Now, the new Christian Supreme Court of Egypt is called Judge Bolis Fahmy Eskandar Bolis.

Who Is Judge Bolis Fahmy Eskandar Bolis?</h3

He is the first Christian to be appointed by the Egyptian President as the President of the Supreme Court of Egypt.

He is a 65 years old man with a lot of experience in the judiciary. Bolis will take over from Said Maree Mohamed Gad starting Wednesday, according to the official gazette.

He will soon take an oath before the president shortly. This will help him to be officially acknowledged as the new president in the judiciary. (SCC)

The SCC is the country’s autonomous and independent judicial authority responsible for taking care of domestic laws and regulations which are in line with the constitution.

According to sources, Bolis served as the vice president of the SCC in 2010 and then as president of the Cairo Court of Cassation until he was reappointed as the vice president of the SCC in 2014.

In June 2019, President El-Sisi ratified amended laws passed by the Egyptian parliament. These laws regulate the appointments of heads of top judicial bodies, including the SCC.

The President has used the authority given to him by the amended laws to appoint heads of the SCC who have served for a very long time — at least about four years.

This is a good example of leadership from President Sisi —making people praise him for setting a new record in Egypt.

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