Teenager Arrested For Causing The Everett Warehouse Fire

Teenager arrested for causing Everest warehouse fire

The State Police, The Massachusetts Department of Fire Department and other authorities have arrested a teenager having a connection with the warehouse fire in Everett

Teenager arrested for causing Everett warehouse fire

On January 23rd, a fire broke out in a warehouse found on Norman Street, near Nightshift Brewing and Teddie Peanut Butter.

Firefighters brought it down without finding the one responsible for this act. Sources revealed that the warehouse was set apart for demolition before they turn it into residential units. The deputy fire chief explained: Because it was vacant, it had no working alarms and no power to the building.

Everett police announced on Tuesday that the person responsible for the Everett Warehouse Fire has been arrested. His name is Michael Mambrino, who is 18 years old.

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services confirmed that on their official Twitter page with the name @MassDFS.

Twitter page Screenshot from Massachusetts Department of Fire Services

This teenager has been charged to face legal action for burning a building and causing injury to a firefighter.

Investigators say the fire destroyed the warehouse and caused major damage to a nearby garage. This led to a firefighter sustaining injuries when fighting to quench the fire.

The investigation leading to the arrest of the teenager was a corroboration between the Everett Fire and Police Departments, and the State Police Fire & Explosion Investigation Unit assigned to the State Police Fire Marshal’s office.

Further details would be released by authorities for the public to know how the case has been dealt with using legal action.

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