Muslim Hangs Wife And Children For Converting To Christianity

Muslim hangs wife and children in Uganda

Muslim hangs wife and children in Uganda

A Muslim in Uganda has hanged his wife and two children following their conversation from Islam to Christianity. He is now on the run.

In Africa, a country like Uganda has a soaring record of Christian persecution —thus the 69th worse country for Christians to live in. This data comes from Open Doors 2022 reports.

Reports coming in from Uganda in the KAYUNGA DISTRICT say a Muslim man has deliberately hanged his wife and two children. He did this because his wife, and one of her children have converted from Islam to become Christians —hence embracing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Constitution of Uganda enshrines religious freedom. But some Muslims with extreme beliefs easily kill Christians because they see and call them infidels. Muslims in Uganda are about 12% of the entire population.

After this man, identified as Hamidu Kasimbi killed his wife and children in the house, a neighbor in Bwetyaba village found out what the husband has done. The deceased is identified as Shamira Nakato a 27-year-old woman. Her children — 3 and 8 years old were also hanged in their home on Dec. 28.

According to sources, the story began in December when Nakato went to a church service while her husband was out of town. After Nakato and the children attended a church service the next day, she told the pastor she wanted to embrace Christ.

After Christmas day on 27th December, she attended a special prayer session while her husband was away. Her husband, Hamidu Kasimbi, returned from his trip early. This Muslim husband was furious and so pulled Nakato out of the church.

Witnesses saw him beat his wife. People living nearby the house heard screams coming from Kasimbi’s house on two different occasions.

The following day they found Shamira Nakato and her two children hanged. The husband being a Muslim couldn’t stay around but run away.

The police and other authorities in Uganda are searching for Kasimbi to bring him to justice.

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