Robbers Invade The 12-Bedroom Mansion Of Ghanaian Prophet Kumchacha

Robbers breach Prophet Kumchacha's 12-bedroom mansion

Prophet Kumchacha reports to the police that his 12 bedroom mansion has been robbed. He has notified the police for investigation.

Robbers breach Prophet Kumchacha's 12-bedroom mansion

A popular Ghanaian prophet known as Kumchacha has been robbed. This controversial and outspoken prophet has reported the theft case to the police.

Who Is Prophet Kumchacha?

He is the founder and lead pastor of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, a church in Ghana. His real name is Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha.

According to GhanaWeb, this prophet’s twelve-bedroom house has been robbed. They stole money and his laptop when they broke into the house at dawn while he was away to preach.

He explained by saying he left home with two of his junior pastors at 3 am for his usual preaching. Upon their return, he noticed that the burglarproof had been tampered with.

He narrated his sad story in twi language that he quickly entered the rooms upon return and saw a piece of evidence that his 12-bedroom mansion has been robbed. Again, he realized the culprits have run away with an amount of GH¢10,000 (US $1,562.49) from one of the rooms.

“No one was home when I got back. My windows and doors I shut were opened, so immediately, it dawned on me that something sinister had gone on while I was away. I went around, went to every room in the house to make sure”, he said in Twi.

“There are twelve rooms but I noticed they had opened seven to eight of my rooms. I realized the burglarproof had been manhandled with unknown machinery”, he further narrated.

A social media personality known as sammykaymedia has also shared photographs of prophet Kumchacha’s robbed mansion.

Photo of prophet Kumchacha's robbed manaion

According to sources, Kumchacha has security dogs in the house. They could have responded to the breach by barking but they didn’t. This suggests the robbers mixed some drugs to keep them calm and inactive to bark.

The police are doing an investigation to bring anyone found guilty to justice. According to the prophet, he has no security personnel at his mansion because all the guards he has ever employed underperforms. They have been sleeping on duty. So he decided not to go in for any security guard.

Now, the most unfortunate thing has happened to him. He has handed the case to the police —waiting to see the culprits apprehended.

Many Ghanaians have expressed their views about this incident on social media. Some are sympathizing with him, others are mocking him for not having any vision of the robbery.

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