Things To Know About Skillet’s John Cooper —His Faith, Career And Marriage

John Cooper singing on stage

John Cooper singing on stage

Who Is John Cooper?

He is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. The lead vocalist, bassist and co-founder of Christian rock band Skillet since 1996. Cooper is a devout Christian who preaches Jesus Christ through his songs and speaks out during interviews.


John Landrum Cooper was born on April 7, 1975, in Memphis, Tennessee, the U.S. Born in a Christian family, he has grown with a strong religious background. He is best known as a musician, singer and songwriter.

Cooper formed Skillet in 1996 with Ken Steorts. Their band ‘skillet’ had many challenges. Members such as Ken Steorts and Trey McClurkin left the band leaving behind John Cooper. His latest album in 2022 is entitled “Dominion.”

He plays Christian rock, Christian metal
, alternative metal, hard rock, post-grunge, and industrial metal.

John Cooper has also written a new book entitled “Awake and Alive to Truth.”

Has John Cooper Married?

Yes, he is married to a beautiful woman called Korey Cooper. Both have tattooed wedding rings on their fingers.

John Cooper wife his wife
A beautiful Monday marriage photo of John Copper and his wife Korey.

Their two children are Alexandria (daughter) born on 10/23/02 and Xavier (son) born on 7/27/05. He also has an older brother called Pat and Seth —the younger brother.

What Is John Cooper’s Faith Or Religion?

Cooper was born into a Christian family. His religion is Christianity. According to him, he came from a musical family.

His mother, a piano teacher and a singer in her church. Cooper began singing when he was young. Due to his family’s musical background, he learned how to play guitar at around the age of 18 and bass guitar at the age of 19.

John Cooper has shared his beliefs on numerous occasions crediting it to how his parents raised him as a Christian. In view of that, he has become very religious. He said; listening to rock music was not allowed in his parents’ household.

“You couldn’t wear black, you couldn’t listen to anything with drums, anything with guitars, you couldn’t have long hair, you couldn’t do this and you couldn’t do that. Everything was so lifeless. I know I’d read the Bible and be like… ‘This isn’t what the Bible says. I like the idea of living for Jesus, but I hate the idea of living for you.’ Ya know?”

He has been very outspoken about his faith as a Christian. On several occasions, John Cooper defends his Christian faith.

He once revealed in an interview that a businessman tried to drive him away from his Christian faith, but he still chose to follow Jesus Christ but not money or fame. His “Be A Bold witness for Christ” has been featured on the Focus on the Family.

Skillet’s John Cooper has also been an outspoken critic of the “deconstruction movement.” He believes church leaders and Christian celebrities are misleading the children of God.

The Skillet’s cooper found Jesus Christ at an early age. This helped him grow in the faith. He shares his faith everywhere he finds himself without being afraid.

Part of his Christian life story has been documented in his book “Awake and Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World.

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