US Church Hosts Scream Night For Anyone Fed Up Of The Pandemic

US Church Hosts Scream Night For Anyone Fed Up Of The Pandemic

US Church Hosts Scream Night For Anyone Fed Up Of The Pandemic
As the coronavirus and its variants keep on threatening life and economic activities, people are searching for ways to break free from the mental stress and restrictions they are going through.

In view of this, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church in the US has organized an event for people who are tired of being under the pandemic.

The church is in the US state of North Carolina. Their title for the event was “scream night.” Attendees screamed out to break mental stress.

This event took place last Saturday. Psychologist Laura Barnard, who is also a member of the church lead the event.

In the church’s Facebook profile, people were invited to release “the hurt, the rage, the anxiety, and the fear,” that has stayed inside them for the past two years.

This seems to be a realistic way of releasing stress. Since the leader is a professional psychologist —then he knows that will help a lot of people to kill their pandemic mental stress.

“Come out and scream. Get it out. And as you do, know that you are not alone,” the post read.

According to the Christian Post Barnard said:

“Our emotions have been building up over the last two years as many of us have been stuck at home without our normal outlets that let our emotions move through our bodies and our brains.

“We wanted to provide people with a space to let it out with the intention of knowing that they were not alone in their struggles or in their efforts to heal.”

The session consisted of five different screams: a “regular scream”, followed by one in which participants were allowed to curse.

Then, people could shout statements such as “My partner is driving me crazy!” or, “I hate Covid!” which was continued by a scream for those who were unable to attend the event.

The Christian Post reported that the last final scream was a competition of who could do it the loudest.

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