About 4 Million Beer Bottles Destroyed In Nigeria By Religious Police

About 4 million beer bottles destroyed in Nigeria

About 4 million beer bottles destroyed in Nigeria

Nigeria is a county hosting mainly Muslims and Christians. But for Northern Nigerian City like Kano, they are predominantly Muslims who make good use of the Sharia law.

According to BBC —the City has prohibited the consumption of alcohol since 2001. They have therefore worked diligently to see the law operational up to date.

Religious Police in Nigeria have been tasked with this job. They have destroyed nearly four million bottles of beer in a crackdown on alcohol.

There is this Religious Police in Nigeria who have destroyed about four million bottles of beer in a crackdown on alcohol. The law backs them to take action against alcoholism and alcoholic drinks.

Sources say the beer bottles were crushed into the ground by bulldozers in the northern city of Kano in front of crowds cheering “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).

These millions of beers cost millions of Nigerian Naira. Religious police seize them from trucks coming from mainly Christian south, officials told AFP news agency.

Shariah Police, known as Hisbah, frequently destroy confiscated alcohol and drugs, but Wednesday’s haul was one of the largest yet in an intensifying crackdown.

It has been known that a strict version of Sharia law has been introduced since the country returned to civilian rule over two decades ago.

The ban on alcohol has recently been a source of tension in the state’s capital
Official reports from authorities say they have destroyed 3,873,163 bottles of beer and other types of alcohol in bulldozers at a wide-open space as part of a war against intoxicants.

After crashing the beer bottles they set them ablaze and watch them burn.

The head of the religious Police, Haruna Ibn Sina said:

“Kano is a sharia state and the sale, consumption and possession of alcoholic substances are prohibited.”

Reports say there was a clash between the Religious police and the Kano’s Christian neighborhoods when this police raided drinking spots last year December.

It appears that this Sharia law has been active since 2001. There has been a reintroduction to a strict version of it. Kano is a state hosting Muslims who are ready to push the Sharia law to control and ban alcohol usage.

Records reveal that this beer destruction project isn’t the first time people of Northern Nigerian have witnessed. In 2020, Kano State Hisbah Board ended up destroying 1,975,000 bottles of beer.

There was another beer bottle destruction in 2019. The law is still empowering the religious police to keep on destroying beer bottles and other alcoholic drinks.

Sharia law empowered them to do so. This radical act has raised a kind of tension in the City.

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