Rams Jalen Ramsey Shares His Faith Before Super Bowl LVI —’Without My Lord and Savior, I Am Nothing’

Rams Jalen Ramsey

Rams Jalen Ramsey

As Super Bowl LVI begins on Sunday, Los Angeles Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey has shared his faith with his fans and everyone that without God he is nothing. He took the message to his social media accounts too.

Often, stars and celebrities find it difficult to be open about their faith or religion. They fear they will lose their fans or followers. This is not the case with Jalen Ramsey.

In an interview with the media house, he stressed the importance of having Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Again, Ramsey have shared his faith on his social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter. It is something he has been doing to declare his strong faith in Jesus.

He explained himself in the interview with Sports Spectrum.

Without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am nothing honestly,”  “Without His grace and His mercy and dying for my sins, I mean, I’m nothing. I’m sinful by nature, and I’m not perfect, and that’s why I need the Lord so much,” he added.

“I’ve got to always lean on my faith, and I’ve got to give God the glory and let God really work through me and work through my heart and try to grow,” he continued. “That’s really how I try to grow and try to evolve as a person.”

Twitter post of Jalen Ramsey without the Lord His Savior he is nothing

Ramsey have been outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ in both his personal life in his professional career as an NFL player.

He believes his success or progress has been the help of God. By having a decent record in the Football league — he aims for more success. In 2016, Jacksonville Jaguars selected him as the fifth-overall draft pick in 2016.

Again, Before joining Rams in the middle of the 2019 season, he had already been a two-time Pro Bowler winner.

By looking at his Twitter page, you could see biblical messages or verses glorifying God. His profile photo shows two crosses on his cheeks (one on each side). A proud Christian and follower of Jesus Christ

In his Twitter biography, Ramsey describes himself as  a “Child of God through my faith in Christ.”

Jalen Ramsey's Twitter page bio

During his interview with the media, he explained how he wants people to get to know about Jesus, his love and salvation power. He is telling everyone about Jesus. Most of his posts come from Bible verses.

Ramsey said:

“We can never understand just the magnitude of how great God is because He’s that great,” “He’s that powerful. But [by] staying in constant meditation of the Word and prayer, I can remain in peace, I can remain humble, I can encourage others, and hopefully, I can let His light shine through me.”

He is currently looking forward to be a Super Bowl champion. Reports from Sports Spectrum say this season was Ramsey’s strongest to date with a record-breaking 77 tackles and tying his career-high of four interceptions.

From the official website of the NFL, the Rams will face the Bengals at Super Bowl LVI this Sunday at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

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