8 Iranian Christians Forced To Attend Re-education Classes By Islamic Clerics

8 Iranian Christians forced to attend re-education

8 Iranian Christians forced to attend re-education

We live in a world in which religion has gained enough power to influence people’s thoughts and actions.

It’s sad to see some people tossed by religious beliefs or religion mixed with political ideologies.

In Iran, 8 Christians have been charged by Islamic authorities to go in for re-education classes. This followed the law court’s jurisdiction over the Christian converts.

Sadly, converts from Islam to Christianity find themselves at a high risk of persecution, especially from the government. Their own families and societies also persecute them to a lesser extent.

According to reports, authorities arrested these eight Iranian Christians in the country’s western city of Dezful in April. The charge leveled against them was ‘propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran.’

Looking deep into their case in November, the prosecutor of the Civil and Revolutionary Court did not find anything serious about their conversion, hence not charged for any criminal offense.

The prosecutor said they were innocent as they had ‘merely converted to a different religion’ and ‘didn’t carry out any propaganda against other groups.’

Again, the prosecutor said; although apostasy is punishable under Islamic law. But it is not a criminal offense.

The prosecutor’s decision against the Iranian Christian converts did not auger well for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps —which is a security branch originally founded in 1979 to protect Iran’s Islamic regime.

This regime has been very radical in protecting Islamic interests in Iran. They have therefore charged the Iranian Christians to go in for re-education classes.

The regime imposed this on them last two weeks and expect Islamic clerics to re-educate the Christian converts. The regime sees Christian churches as deviant movements.

They are working hard to crack down on the growth of the Christian faith in Iran with judicial powers.

Research indicates that Christians in Iran are getting to 1 million. It’s still a lesser group compared to the number of Muslims.

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