Christians Protest First-Ever Satanic Temple Convention — ‘No Place For Evil In Arizona’

Christian protesters say No to Satan convention

Christians protest against Satanic Convention in Arizona

Something weird is going on in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is about the rising tide of darkness. Satanists have taken their agenda to the public voicing out their plans and ideologies.

If you take a look back into the olden days —you will barely hear of Satanism being taken to the public. It was more of a secret movement. But today they want societies to embrace them as a normal thing. Today, there is no shame in calling themselves Satanists, or using satanic signs and symbols.

Taking a look at the Bible, we get to know that since Satan failed to ascend unto the throne of heaven, he has been fighting hard against the works of God.

The warfare going on is mainly spiritual. Christians in Scottsdale, Arizona have protested outside the inaugural convention of The Satanic Temple during the weekend.

From February 11th to 13th, The Satanic Temple proudly held its first “SatanCon” in Scottsdale. They call themselves the “primary Satanic religious organization in the world.”

Reports say these Satanists requested to deliver an invocation at a city council meeting but authorities turned them down. They have been persistent in fighting for a space to gain root in the city. They recently dragged Scottsdale to the law court for failing to grant them the permission they needed to operate.

As many Christians heard of this SatanCon from The Satanic Temple —they also demonstrated against it. Although one catholic Bishop; Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix advised the Christians not to take it to the street but through prayers.

The Christian protestors talked against the rising tide of darkness in Arizona. They revealed the reason why they have stood against the SatanCon:

According to fox10phoenix, a protestor identified as ‘Marissa’ said:

“We’re out here to let the Satanists know that there’s no place for evil in Arizona. And we’re here to combat that. And we’re here to say that Jesus is Lord.”

Christian protesters say No to Satan convention

Reports say the Christian protestors who rallied against the Satanic Temple Convention prayed, read Scripture, and held signs outside the convention. One said, there is no room for evil in Arizona.

What did The Satanic Temple talk about in their conference?

It is said that the members are people who are mainly atheistic in their ideologies. As an organization, they hold the notion of venerating the biblical Satan as a symbol of “defiance, independence, wisdom and self-empowerment.”

They talked about their rights and plans to defend them.

According to reports, SatanCon discussed “various campaigns championed by The Satanic Temple:

• “Efforts to protect members’ reproductive rights

• Fight psychiatric abuse

• Protect children from abuse in schools

• Promote addiction recovery

• Build support for The Satanic Temple’s after-school clubs, which have been the focus of controversy in multiple school districts.

Lucien Greaves, Co-founder and the spokesperson of the Satanic Temple said:

“In addition to creating a community for our members, SatanCon serves as an expression of our goodwill toward the city of Scottsdale, despite the perplexing and unfortunate ruling against us which defied precedent and common sense,”

They claim they have goodwill toward the City of Scottsdale. They, therefore, need the space to push their believes and plans for the benefit of their community members. Finally, they said, they are dedicating the SatanCon to the Scottsdale City Council.

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