Mother Beheads 6 years Old Son —Says The Devil Tried To Attack Her


News coming from Kansas City in the United States has it that a 35 years old mother has decapitated her son leaving his lifeless body in the house. Police found the evidence of her crime when they spotted the boy’s headless body, a screwdriver, and knives covered in blood after breaking into the house.

The mother whose crime has shocked ed many tried to justify herself that the devil tried to attack her. This frivolous excuse has been rejected. She has been charged with first degree murder.

Reports from fox4kc revealed that the police received a call from the house of Tasha Haef in Kansas City, the United States.

After the unidentified caller reported that the devil was trying to attack her, the police became suspicious that there was something wrong. It was a clear indication of a criminal issue.

They understood that something terrible has happened. They, therefore, traced the home. Before they entered the house of the woman, they saw blood and hair on the front steps and front door.

This prompted them to figure out what exactly has happened inside the house.

Mother Left Son’s Headless Body In The House

The police tried to enter the room diplomatically but the supposed female resident called Tasha Haefs refused to open the door. Although one police officer said he initially heard a woman singing inside the that home.

There is a saying that if persuasion fails, forced is applied and this is something the police ethics instruct them to do. They therefore opened the door forcefully by the law.

Sources say several children had been living inside the home, but neighbors claim they hadn’t seen them for days.

“Officers while attempting to make contact with the female occupant observed what appeared to be the severed head of a deceased person near the threshold of the residence. Officers fearing for the safety of any children remaining inside the residence forced entry under exigent circumstances and took the female occupant into custody without incident.”

After a little delay in their endeavor to enter that home, they finally had access. They found something horrible: the headless body of a six year boy, blood on knives, a screwdriver and Haef.

Reports have also revealed that the police found a decapitated dog in the basement. That sounds very disturbing; A female being able to shed blood like that is quite strange.

The gruesome scene made the police arrest this female suspect named Tasha Haef.

“The female suspect had apparent blood on her person and two knives with apparent blood on them were observed in plain view throughout the residence,” reads the complaint.

Detective Zakary Glidewell penned down an affidavit confirming that the woman admitted to committing the crime.

Interrogation from the police helped clarify the crime scene for further legal action, Haefs identified the victim as her son (Karvel Stevens) and admitted that she killed him in a bathtub and decapitated him.

She will face the law accordingly. The 35-year mother from Kansas has been charged with first-degree murder after her arrest. Authorities are yet to release further details about her punishment.

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