Christian Spirituality Lessons That Must Be Practiced By Every Believer

Christian spirituality and disciplines

Christian spirituality and disciplines

When we talk about the spiritual world some people do not believe, others like agnostics are left confused. There are unseen activities from another world that have a serious effect on our daily lives. For the purpose of this content, I will extensively talk about Christian spirituality.

Anyone who calls himself a Christian must be very spiritual. Don’t ask me why because God is Spirit. The Bible has therefore informed us that we must worship Him in truth and Spirit. (John 4:24)

Spirituality has a long history. Its effects have been seen and felt by many people. Historically, there are about 8,000 to 12,000 gods who have been worshiped. Christianity came out of Judaism. The same Hebrew God called Yahweh is the God Christians worship. He is more than real.

Science has nothing to prove about things happening in the spiritual world. So faithful Christians have been warned to be very vigilant so that the scientific world and people like the atheists and agnostics do not brainwash them from their faith.

Science cannot explain the paranormal. Religious people can explain. Dr. Andy Newberg, a professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine conducted a mind-blowing research.
Newberg conducted research using an MRI machine to prove the spiritual connectivity that happens between God and man during prayers.

However, a Christian who is searching to understand things about spirituality must also understand that there are several other religions in this world that teach about the supernatural.

All of them have spiritual practices. They believe in the supernormal or certain deities.

Some of these religions are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc. They all have particular spiritual activities they do.

In fact, this world has placed a lot of importance on religion. And in most cases, people are born into different religions by default.

It will take years for the person to make a final decision to assign himself to the religion of his heart. In view of that, we can see people converting from one religion to the other. Because the beliefs, doctrines, powers, and practices differ.

Just a quick reminder that this post is mainly about Christian spirituality. I will then go into detail to share with you some of the most important spiritual disciplines Christians must observe.

What Christian Spirituality Is Needed?

There are a lot of things every Christian must do to please God and enjoy His blessings or promises. We call it a spiritual walk with the Lord.

We can’t see God. But those whose third eyes have been opened can see in the spirit. Seriously, they can see God’s angels, demons, witches, gods, and many other forces from the spiritual world.

The Christian belief has it that; blessed are those who have not seen Jesus Christ but yet believe in him. Jesus is the Son of God, the Redeemer of our souls. He is the same person who will judge the world for its sins.

The Bible says God is a jealous God. In view of that, anyone who worships any creation or deity is provoking God. Many Christian news portals have published testimonies of people who have had an encounter with the supernatural or the power of God. We often call them miracles. Because they are events or things human wisdom cannot understand. Science too cannot explain.

God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in this universe. If anyone desires to see His power, love, kindness, glory, and salvation plan; that person has to have a relationship with Him. The relationship must therefore be purely spiritual.

Spiritual Disciplines For Christians

1. Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest spiritual tools given to all Christians. In Ephesians 6:18, the Bible says: pray at all times on every occasion ‘In The Spirit.’

So anytime you say a prayer in faith you automatically connect with God. He listens to our prayers and responds according to His will.

Jesus rebuked his three disciples that they should be prayerful — saying the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

There are many types of prayers. Some are for healing, protection, health, wisdom, strength, etc,

2. The Bible

A Christian who takes his spirituality seriously will always get closer to his Bible. Because the Bible is the very Word of God. It is the spiritual food that nourishes the spirit living inside us. It is also called the bread of life. Eat this bread by studying its content all the time and you would be blessed.

3. Fasting

This is another important Christian spiritual discipline that should be taken seriously. Even Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. Mosses, David, Saul, Daniel, Apostle Paul, and almost all who worshipped God in the olden days fasted. It is a good example for today’s generation to continue this practice. At least once a week is good for your soul.

4. Singing Praises And Worship

Singing praises alone can invoke the Spirit of God to descend and perform signs and wonders. The Bible accounts that Paul and Silas, when in prison sang praises to the Lord at midnight and the Holy Spirit descended shaking the foundation of the prison house. This freed them from all their chains.

There are many other events recorded in the Bible about how singing and praises invokes the Spirit of God.

Let’s not forget how the walls of Jericho also fell at the blast of the trumpet when singing and praises went on for 7 days.

You can get into more spiritual disciplines such as meditation and ‘Quite Times.’ You happen to tap into the spiritual world when you focus on God, stay calm in an undisturbed environment.

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