Chinese Pastor Sentenced 8 Years In Prison For Preaching Writes An Emotional Letter To Son

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Jailed Chinese Pastor sends letter to son

The Chinese Communist Party’s radical approach in cracking down on Christianity has imprisoned a lot of people. One of these faithful Christians is Pastor Hao Zhiwei who is 50 years old woman of Egangqiao Church. She was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment at the beginning of this month. (On Feb. 11, 2022).

The Ezhou Echeng District People’s Court saw to her sentencing. Before that, she has been in police custody since she was reportedly accused and arrested in July 2019 for preaching and collecting offerings without authorization from the Chinese government.

Her crime was preaching without authorization from the government. Despite such harsh treatment, she hasn’t wavered in faith. She has sent a heart-touching letter to her young son called Paul —expressing her “gratitude” and trust in God, despite her predicament.

According to Persecution International Christian Concern, Pastor Hao Zhiwei has penned down a letter to her son.

Part of the content of the letter offers an encouraging message to her 18-year-old son called Paul. She told him that “God is faithful” and the Lord has given her peace despite ongoing uncertainty.

She expressed the sleepless night she went through at the initial stage of her imprisonment, but through prayers, the Lord has granted her the inner peace and courage to stay strong.

Pastor Zhiwei wrote:

“Do not worry too much about me. My cellmate received her sentence on the 10th: 12 years. Today is the 18th, and she has not been able to sleep,” she wrote. “Once I received my first indictment on the 11th, I only had trouble sleeping the first night. I was praying about it and was able to sleep well since then.”

She expressed her peaceful mindset through the power of God by adding; “God’s peace amazingly descended on me.”

In part of the letter, she expressed her sadness’s for not seeing her son Paul and his brother Moses in the house while they are gradually growing into full young men.

She also threw her hope into her children saying she would be glad to reunite with them after her release.

“I hope that you would persist in diary-writing,” Zhiwei continued. “Once we reunite, you can share it with me. I especially like to read your stories regarding your growth.”

So far, Zhiwei has been imprisoned for more than two and half years according to Christianity Daily.

And her crime according to the Chinese law court is “fraud” which involves preaching the gospel and collecting offerings without permission from the government.

The painful situation of Pastor Zhiwei draws the minds of Christians around the world on what the Bible said will happen in the last days.

There are many prophecies that point to a time of all sorts of persecutions —including imprisonment and killings.

A notable example can be found in the book of Matthew:

“Then they will hand you over to be persecuted and will kill you. You will be hated by all the nations because of my name.” (Matthew 24:9)

International Christian Organizations and individuals in the Christian faith have shown enough concern about this punishment meted on Christians in China.

The Chinese government is now working on a 10-year plan to rewrite the Bible to suit its communist ideologies so that they can have absolute control over Christians.

The letter reads:


Peace to you.

This is the first time mom has received your letter, I am beyond happy.

Seeing you grow in good health; I am deeply grateful. God is faithful, He is watching over and pastoring you [and your brother].

Let’s pray together in one heart and mind for your brother [Moses], we will certainly see a miracle.

Missing your growth is painful to me as well. I hope that you would persist in diary-writing. Once we reunite, you can share it with me. I especially like to read your stories regarding your growth…

You can read the full letter from Persecution International Christian Concern.

Sadly, it has been reported that Zhiwei’s son Mosses has been going through depression and the situation has affected her other brother because they lost their father in 2018 and in 2019 their mother too got imprisoned for preaching the gospel.

Christians around the world are needed to remember this lonely family (Zhiwei, Paul and Moses) for the Lord to strengthen them and give them healing, peace, and redemption.

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