How Russian Explosions Have Affected Women And Children In Ukraine

The Effect Of Russian Attack On Children Women

The Effect Of Russian Attack On Children Women

Whenever there is war in a country, women and children become extremely vulnerable to attacks and death. Many have been left helpless because they can’t stay in their homes and feel safe. Think about nursing mothers, the aged, and the sick…

We need divine intervention to end this war. The world started praying for peace and unity when rumors of war also started spreading. Unfortunately, Russia has launched a full-scale military attack on Ukraine. Putin has declared war!

This happened in the early hours of Thursday, 24 2022. The assault is said to be one of the biggest by one nation against another in Europe since 1945. Experts classify it as massive; Meaning there is nothing to joke about.

It has been a major concern for the entire world to show love, care, and condolences to Ukraine —especially women and children who are helpless in this unprovoked attack.

Vladimir Putin has initiated a war in a time the whole world is waging through crisis. It’s sad this world hasn’t finished dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and here comes another disturbing news.

Putin declared his intention by saying he want to demilitarize and “denazify” Ukraine. He further sent a warning to other countries that any hindrance would be met by “such consequences that you have never encountered in your history.”

Did Putin think about the precious lives of innocent people living in Ukraine? He has been heartless in destroying lives and properties. What does he want? This is the main question almost everyone is asking?

Great fear and panic are moving in the hearts of clueless children and women. They are terrified. The trauma may even have psychological effects on their lives for a very long time. Unfortunately, 100’s of lives have been lost already.

According to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, 137 Ukrainian civilians and military men had died. In addition, 316 others have been injured since the invasion started.

Effects Of Russian Attack On Children

Children who could barely understand what is happening around look terrified. Someone has to explain to them the threat the enemy is pulling on their beloved country making everyone vulnerable to death.

Ukrainian children looking scared
Ukrainian children pictured looking scared in metro shelters

The military men have to explain the necessity to take safety precautions. It appears that metro stations in Kyiv have been transformed into shelters because there is a great fear of more attacks from the Russian forces.

“We … let them try on our uniforms, bulletproof vests, and helmets. Show them what explosive items can be, so that they can become aware of situations that may happen to them.”

A video of a father surfaced online showing the sad separation happening between him and his kid. The father shed tears when he said goodbye to his kid when he sent him to safety through public transport.

Again, Kids from Number One school in the city of Druzhkivka were led to safety in metros stations. These stations have been transformed into shelters.

How Women Have Been Affected By The Russian Attack On Ukraine

According to ABC News, a group of women learned about how to stay safe amid wars. The Ukrainian Women’s Guard led by lawyer Olena Biletska is one of several groups concerned with this kind of situation.

These brave women taught themselves about self-defense and how to evacuate successfully to safer places during wars.

Aljazeera reported that, after the airstrike on a residential district in Chuguiv town killed a man in his house, a woman nearby screamed curses into the wintry sky.

A woman wounded by Russian explosions
A wounded woman after an airstrike damaged an apartment complex in the city of Chuhuiv. [Wolfgang Schwan/Anadolu Agency]
She was heartbroken by the scene. Why would Vladimir Putin break the hearts of women and force them to scream curses into the sky?

May the Lord have mercy on Ukraine and protect the entire country by His mighty right hand.

The situation is still very threatening for the people of Ukraine. Families, students, kids, etc, are left stranded in metro stations. Don’t forget to say a prayer for Ukraine.

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