Ukrainian Christian Store Runs Out Of Bible As More People Gets To Know About Jesus During Russian Invasion

Bible runs out in Christian store in Ukraine

Bible runs out in Christian store in Ukraine

After Vladimir Putin declared a full-scale war on Ukraine, they have been praying for God’s protection and peace. Reports coming in have revealed that many Ukrainians have now heard about Jesus for the first time, they are running to the Bible for inspiration and salvation through Christ Jesus. A Christian store has reportedly run out of Bible.

Prayers have been the major weapon the people of Ukraine and around the world are using to fight the ongoing war. As more people live in fear and panic, they have got to hear about Jesus Christ and his amazing salvation plan. In a quest to know more about Christ —a Christian book store in Ukraine has reported for Bible shortage.

This is a moment the Lord is using to win more souls. People need God more than anything. Since the Russian army invaded Ukraine last Thursday, Churches, pastors, and Christians all around the world have been on their knees. God has listened to this global cry for peace. He is gradually working out for those who love Him.

Ukrainians are now relying on God. They are looking for solace from the Bible which happens to be the word of God.

Confirmation Of Bible Shortage In Ukraine

According to the Christianity Today, the President and CEO of the American Bible Society Robert L. Briggs said:

“As people grapple with unknown, many are experiencing the Bible’s message for the first time ever.”

Anatoliy Raychynets, the deputy general secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society, having a conversation with Briggs has revealed that the leaders of Ukrainian churches are working together in the Christian faith —hence making people turn to the Bible for comfort and hope during a perilous time like this.

According to Anatoliy, priests and pastors have been flocking to the Bible Society store in Kyiv to buy Bibles. This high demand has made the Christian store run out of Bibles.

Reports say this moment is the first time many Ukrainians have heard about Jesus Christ and his salvation plan.

Much hope has been placed in God and the people of Ukraine are very hopeful that they will not fall for the enemy —Putin and his army.

Briggs has also revealed that Raychynets has been inspiring Ukrainians with a powerful Bible verse —Psalm 31. This verse is to help them overcome their fears and anxieties — hence instilling hope in them.

The Bible verse reads:

“Praise be to the Lord, for he showed me the wonders of his love when I was in a city under siege.”

This is a message that has resonated well with those whose spirits have been crushed by the invasion of the Russian army.

The verse reminds faithful Christians about how King David was once haunted down by his enemies. The Ukrainians are therefore putting their feet in the shoes of David hoping the same Lord will protect them.

Similarly, Ukraine is under siege but the people are praising God and trusting in His divine intervention. More Bibles are needed in Ukraine to uplift their spirits with high hopes in the Lord.

According to Faithwire, Briggs also quoted Raychynets saying, “We need more Bibles.”

According to Raychynets his relationship with Christian leaders in Russia has taken a different level because of the Russian invasion. It appears that they are being bound together in Christ Jesus with more love and understanding as they have regular communication.

Raychynets told Briggs that they speak to their “colleagues in Russia” and even “pray together.

Ukrainians are patronizing the Bible in their numbers making a Christian store run out of Bibles. They are growing in faith and the desire for the word of God has become great. It is all about praising God and asking Him for protection. This is a piece of good for all believers.

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